Experts Stress On AI In Pharma Industry For Improved Regulatory Compliance


Hyderabad : Experts from pharma industry and members of Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association (IGPA) have stressed on the need for the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in the pharma industry to bring better product design, enable improved regulatory compliance and maintain consistency in quality and manufacturing.

While speaking at a recent webinar, lead industry expert Ranjit Barshikar, chief executive officer of Quality by Design International at United Nations, Geneva emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence and advantages of adopting it in the pharma industry. “It is high time that with fast changing times and new advancements coming in the pharma industry must adopt the emerging technologies like artificial intelligence which would not only to make development of pharma products more easy and less time consuming but also to have quality established with a fool proof approach,” he said.

Informing about the deliberations about the importance of implementation of AI at the webinar, Dr Koteshwara Rao, former drug inspector and president of IGPA, Telangana state and coordinator of South India, said that the webinar focused exclusively on the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence-Applications in Pharma Industry’.

The webinar was organized by IGPA national branch in association with the IPGA, South. The main focus of expert deliberations was on how AI can be used in to provide proper support to product design, development and regulatory compliance and for maintaining consistency in quality of the highly regulated pharma and medicinal products.

As already many Indian and global pharma companies have started adopting the new AI technology in their research and manufacturing facilities, Barshikar advocated that many more pharma companies must come forward to adopt the new AI technology and explore more and more opportunities to bring in better quality products. “Today many Indian and global companies have started adopting the new AI technology and emerging as lead quality product manufacturers by adopting all the global regulatory standards,” observed the expert from QbD.

The webinar session on AI was attended by more than 1,000 delegates from across the globe through zoom and YouTube platforms.  Apart from Industry experts from India, delegates from United States of America, UK, Singapore, Ethiopia etc participated. Dr Atul Nasa, president IPGA, took part as the chief guest for the webinar, while Dr Arun Garg, secretary IPGA and coordinator moderated the programme.


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