First Case of Black Fungus got caught in Sir Ganga Ram

The Hospital successful handled Mucormycosis involving Kidney & Lung

New Delhi: A very complicated case of Black Fungus surfaced in Sir Ganga Ram hospital in which it had involved both Lungs and kidney of the patient infected by COVID  and had recovered. It is first known case of this kind of Fungus invasion. Thankfully, the case was successfully handled.

Dr. Ujjwal Parakh, Senior Pulmonologist, Department of Pulmonology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said, “We recently received and saved a complicated case of Mucormycosis. The patient Ranjeet Kumar Singh (picture attached) was 45 years old from Ghaziabad. He presented to the hospital with post Covid illness which included breathing difficulties, blood in sputum and high-grade fever. After investigation we were shocked to see that Mucor had not only penetrated his left lung but also the right kidney. Both the portion of the lung and the kidney had been severely damaged and there was a fear of further spread. Therefore, an emergency removal of mucor infected area was planned.”

Since Mucor is a fast-spreading disease and could have further damage other organs. As a lifesaving procedure, immediately a part of his left lung and the entire right kidney was removed after complicated surgery which lasted for 6 hours the patient was saved.

Two team of doctors were involved, which included Dr. Sabyasachi Bal, a Thoracic Surgeon who removed infected lung and Dr. Manu Gupta a Senior Urologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital who removed complete right kidney.

According to Dr. Manu Gupta, Consultant, Department of Urology, “It was a complicated case in which Mucor had penetrated part of lung and kidney. Time was the essences in this case to save the patient as other organs could have been affected. The involvement of the kidney was total, and the kidney had become non functional. During surgery the fungus was found almost spreading to the liver, and the large intestine. Thus with great difficulty, the kidney could be removed without injuring the adjacent organs. This case is being reported in medical literature as the first case in the world after Covid infection.”

Dr. Ujjwal Parakh added, “The patient has recovered well after surgery, and continues to be on antifungal medicines. Patient has been discharged after one month of prolonged anti fungal therapy. He is doing well now, and has joined back his office.”


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