Greatest Antagonist of Modern Medicine gets Highest Padma award for Medicine!

According to 82 year old Recipient Dr B M Hegde, Pills only beget Illnesses

New Delhi: He is a renegade of sort, an iconoclast who smashes into smithereens the very mainstream allopathy medicine he is extensively trained in. Name 82 year old Dr Belle Monappa Hegde, even a stalwart of modern medicine would bow his head in reverence. But ask about his thoughts on healthcare, most of the practitioners of modern medicine would dismiss him as nonsense.

The highest padma award Padma Vibhushan 2021 bestowed on him speaks a volume about the respect Dr. Hegde commands. He is an avid advocate of holistic health and rubbishes the so called quick fixes of modern medicine. Dr Hegde was awarded the third highest civilian award, Padma Bhushan, in 2010. Dr Hegde is a great admirer of PM Narendra Modi and the feeling is mutual.

Talking to Medicare News on phone, Dr Hegde, holding formidable degrees, qualifications, distinctions and positions, said without mincing words Immunity is going to be the ultimate saviour of human beings from pandemic like COVID 19, not pills including vaccines or surgeries. He added it is an illusion that pills cure. The People’s Doctor as he is endearingly called famously said- ‘There is no pill for every ill but there is ill following every pill.’ He is a veritable convert to Ayurved, his new found church and salvation.

The leading cardiologist and educator from Udupi in Karnataka is a great orator with irrefutable arguments. His videos though jarring to the ears of allopathic doctors are worth listening to.

Trained as a cardiologist at the Harvard Medical School, Dr Hegde has a degree in Ayurveda from the Stanley Medical College, Chennai. Co-Chairman of the TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre in Chennai, Dr Hegde also has the distinction of being the chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mangaluru and former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University.

Currently the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes, a medical journal, Dr Hegde has so far penned 35 books on medicine. He has served on the boards of several medical and engineering colleges and universities across the country. Dr Hegde was once the Emeritus International Advisor to The Royal College of Physicians of London and Edinburgh and also the first Indian examiner for the MRCP examination in the UK for 10 years. When Supreme Court of India constituted a committee to oversee functioning of Medical Council of India (MCI), the apex court chose him as the chairman of the body.

The redoubtable debater and healer, Dr Hegde has published over 289 research papers both in India and abroad. Topics of his well-publicised research papers include use of silver nano particles infused with water for curing malaria in three days and a theory that states that ‘quantum healing’ can bring sick persons back to normal which courted multiple controversies. In February 2019, when Dr Hegde was a guest speaker at IIT-Madras’ seminar ‘Matters that Matter’, a group of research students who were opposed to his theories on quantum healing held posters and placards calling him9 a propagator of ‘pseudoscience and quackery’  and had protested his presence on the panel.


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