Hosps Again See Patients With Severe Complications

Jaipur : If you are careless towards wearing masks and keeping social distance, this can force you to follow Covid-19 protocol. After two months, Covid-19 care centres, including private and government units, have started getting patients with severe complications. Things like bilateral pneumonia are again been reported at hospitals like Rajasthan University of Health Sciences (RUHS) and hospitals in Jaipur and other parts of the state.

TOI on Friday spoke to various doctors of government and private hospitals to know if they are again back to administering things like Remdesivir injection, oxygen therapy while treating patients with severe complications.

In past one week, RUHS and some of the private hospitals have also reported Covid-19 deaths which is an alarming sign for everyone.

“During January this year, we had a sigh of relief as patients with severe symptoms and complications were almost negligible. It continued till three weeks of February. However, from the third week of February, we have started witnessing patients with trouble in breathing, brain fog, gastro issues and elevated HRCT score. So, things are getting bad again. So, we have to be careful,” said doctor Ajeet Singh, superintendent of RUHS. He added that patients with bilateral pneumonia and other complications are again seen. “We are seeing patients who are admitting to the hospital with trouble in breathing and high fever. Again we have witnessed our ICUs getting occupied. This is of course result of carelessness which was seen during marriage season and also while people are going to the public places and markets,” said a senior doctor at the ICU of Covid dedicated ward of a private hospital in the city. Doctors added that patients requiring Remdesivir and other injections like Dexona are back while many patients are coming up with severe fever.

“As there has been increase in number of cases, we have also witnessed patients with various issues related to lungs. Our team of doctors and nurses is keeping an eye on the developments and we are prepared to tackle any further contingency,” said a doctor at RUHS.


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