Importance of Vitamin-C in management of covid-19.

Mukul Sharma

Vitamin C, commonly known as ascorbic acid,is an important component for normal growth and repair of connective tissue.

Covid-19 is a challenging disease today ,No vaccine has been used so far for treatment among the public, only various stages of clinical trial have been noticed anticipating early launching of vaccine therapy to combat covid-19.

It has been noticed that Vit-C has a vital role to fight covid-19 infections by way of increasing immunity of human beings. Besides plain vitamin-c there are so many combinations available with Zinc and Vitamin D3.These combinations also have significant role for treatment of covid-19 treatment.

Vitamin C is useful for production of interferons. It facilitates the ability of cells to initiate protective cellular defenses. Vitamin C enhances the function of  white blood cells that surrounds pathogens and other dangerous particles. Once the intruders are captured, they are digested and neutralized enzymatically. Vitamin C is mainly found in white blood cells.Some of these primary cells of the immune system have levels of vitamin C up to 80 times higher than the levels found in the plasma.

Vitamin C enhances the production of T-lymphocytes. These cells are essential for cell-mediated immune responses, and vitamin C helps to multiply in number. Vitamin C supports the production and activity of antibodies. Good antibody function is important for a healthy immune system.Vitamin C supports the activity of natural killer cells. Vitamin C improves and enhances the immune response achieved by vaccination.

Vitamin C enhances the mucolytic effect. It helps in diluting viscid secretions and helps in expectoration. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps prevent and treat the common cold. Regular administration of vitamin C has shortened the duration of the common cold

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to reduced resistance to certain pathogens, while a higher supply strengthens various parameters of the immune system.

Some companies have also introduced vitamin-c 1.5 gm withThiamine 100 mg in injectable form and also with hydrocortisone Acetate with doses titration in the management of covid-19 for hospitalized patients.

Vitamin-C is a water soluble vitamin which is excreted through urine if exceed.Only urine colour may change bright yellow to orange when taken along with vitamin B.

 Besides medicine some fruits are rich in Vitamin-C mainly Citrus fruits,Kiwi,Mango,Papaya,PineappleStrawberries and watermelon are rich source of Vit-C

Vegetables like broccoli,spinach,tomatoes,green and red peppers etc are very good sources of vitamin-c one should increase intake of these fruits and vegetables to gear up his immunity to effectively control of covid-19 infection. 

Stress and Immunity have direct relation with each other. Stress has a significant effect on our minds and bodies, especially our immune system. When someone undergoes a stressful situation, a series of hormones including cortisol and adrenaline are released from the adrenal gland, which help the body cope with stress. While cortisol is helpful in decreasing stress-related inflammation in the body, a prolonged exposure increases risk of other health problems namely, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, sleep disorders, cognitive ailments and more.Vitamin-C has an vital role in reducing stress and increases immunity.In covid-19 many of patients were found stress induced with symptoms the origin of disease had strated with the stress which leads to the symptoms in later stress.

Overall we can conclude that Vitamin-C plays a vital role in a variety of infections including cancer or any other life threat because immunity is the key factor for all and vitamin-C helps in boosting immunity.


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