Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail is a fatal attraction in Gurgaon pubs

It is like mixing bomb in drink that goes off in abdomen

New Delhi/Gurgaon: Would you indulge a cocktail that has explosive mixed in it? Liquid nitrogen cocktail is a veritable bomb that might dismember your alimentary canal to the point of removing it. This is what a business man found to his utter shock after he took a cloud wafting drink instantly, not long ago.

Liquid nitrogen cocktail is a dangerous craze that is taking youth in NCR region in its vice like grip. This latest offering on pubs’ menu in Gurgaon, Greater Noida and Faridabad is proving a fatal attraction. The fad is catching up fast among youth, blithely gulping the dangerous concoction and unwittingly endangering life in the midst of party.

It is burning big hole in both pocket and stomach. It is a recipe for stomach disaster. Pub goers would be well advised to keep away from its harm way. The said business man who is hogging the lime light for his dangerous cocktail outing lost half of his stomach. It had to be removed. It was really a close shave from death for him.

Gastroenterology experts have warned people, saying liquid nitrogen cocktail is fraught with dangers. They totally disapprove of this very dangerous fad saying ingestion of liquid nitrogen can be catastrophic in many ways. The mishap can happen anywhere in alimentary canal right from esophagus to stomach and intestines. The worse is youth are competing with one another to down this calamitous drink . The end result could be anything from perforation in the stomach to losing entire stomach to may be losing life too.

Liquid Nitrogen is becoming increasingly common at pubs and high end restaurants for instantaneously freezing food and drinks. Perforated stomach is becoming a common occurrence due to such weird and bizarre food and drink craze. Free mirchi (red chilli) burger competition is another case in point. Many teenagers are coming to hospitals with perforations in their stomach.

Perforation in the stomach is usually 0.5 mm to 1 mm. But in extreme cases, the stomach bursts wide open, like happened to the Gurgaon bizman. It is life threatening. Though the cases of such stomach disaster are coming sporadically to light, many get under the wraps. Many women frequenting pubs have got shock of their life time

It can also lead to asphyxiation because of causing oxygen deficiency. Other liquid nitrogen fads like nitro caramel popcorn and pumpkin pie ice-cream are also to be wary of. Liquid nitrogen can freeze, become solid and brittle like glass while moving through the food canal. Think of what can happen if so happens. The nitrogen liquid also becomes a gas which is so much in volume that it could cause stomach to burst.


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