Lok Sabha Speaker casts Vote: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is a big Tree of Philanthropy

Om Birla described Legacy of Great Sir Ganga Ram as exemplary


Lok New Delhi: Such unalloyed praise is unheard of for a private hospital in India as Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla showered on Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where he visited as a dignitary on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day function on May 9. Mr. Birla described legacy of great Sir Ganga Ram as a huge tree of Philanthropy. Close on the heels of hospital’s Foundation Day last month, this assertion by Mr Speaker morphs into an indelible edict.

Though the occasion related to Thalassemia, a very painful and traumatic health condition, Mr. Birla took a moment to talk about the singular philanthropic reputation and long standing tradition of the hospital. Mr. Birla’s comments assumed relevance to Thalassemia as well in the sense that the treatment of the condition calls for a great deal of compassion and commitment to serve. Mr. Birla said, ‘the sapling that Sir Ganga Ram planted long ago has grown into a huge tree of philanthropy.

In fact, hearing such praise has become a habit for custodians of Sir Ganga Ram hospital. The legacy of Sir Ganga Ram is fiercely guarded by them. Sir Ganga Ram rated as the best healthcare model in India is a praise that has been heaped upon the hospital umpteenth of times by persons who greatly matter in public life. In 68 years of hospital’s existence in Delhi, the image of the hospital remains unscathed.

Not long ago, on iconic hospital’s Foundation Day last month (April 13, 2023), the Chief Guest, Prof. Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi equally profusely showered praise on Sir Ganga Ram rating it as the best healthcare model in India and wished that this model must be emulated by all private hospitals. Prof. Yogesh said, ‘I have seen this hospital very closely as a patient, attendant and visitor. I am pleasantly surprised and happy to know that all consultants of this hospital contribute 20% of their earnings back to the hospital. It needs real dedication and commitment to run good healthcare institutions like Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. I request all healthcare institutions to show kindness, passion and goodness towards poor who are the neglected part of today.’

It was never in doubt that Sir Ganga Ram hospital imbibes all good values that an ideal hospital should posses.  The path of the hospital from its inception to date is paved with unique medical philanthropy. Trust members and valued doctors have filled well the large shoe that late Sir Ganga Ram, the iconic philanthropist left.

Sir Ganga Ram hospital is a class apart as it is the finest example of sustainable blend of charity and entrepreneurship in healthcare. This model has even grabbed the attention of foreign countries and they are coming to study the unique sustainable model of healthcare. In the last over 10 years of leadership of Dr D S Rana, the hospital’s reputation as centre of excellence and charity in true sense has increased manifold.  After two terms of chairmanship of Managing committee, Dr Rana is now Chairman of Sir Ganga Ram Trust Society which speaks volume about Dr Rana’s credentials as the custodian of the iconic hospital.

Talking to Medicare News Dr. D.S. Rana, Chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Trust Society said, ‘Charity is the abiding value cherished by the hospital. 20 percent beds are reserved for free treatment of poor people. The beauty of this charity is that free treatment is not a shade less in quality than that of patients who pay. The unique model entails that poor people’s treatment cost is subsidized by rich patients. The depth of charitable instincts in hospital can be gauged by the fact that all consultant doctors return 20% of their earnings to hospital. I am proud to say that our hospital apart from producing talented faculty for its own use is also a nursery for providing talented doctors for delivering health care services across the country. All over India doctors trained from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital are working successfully in various capacities.’

Dr. Ajay Swaroop, Chairman, Board of Management, says, ‘The motif of charity is inseparably bound up with Sir Ganga Ram. It will never cease come what may. We do charity out of our desire and spirit of compassion and selfless service of humanity, not out of any compulsion.’

They say team of Dr Rana and Dr Swaroop augurs very well for the hospital in times to come.


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