LPU prof wins accolades for anti-cancer drug design

Hitesh Ahluwalia
Jalandhar – Dr Surendra Nayak, a faculty member of the LPU School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has won global accolades at the Spring Challenge-2016 of Bio-Solve IT, Germany, as his anti-cancer drug design proposal has been pronounced among world’s top 3 proposals by the jury members. While informing more, Dr Nayak said anti -cancer medicines available in the present market have different mechanism. These not only damage cancer cells but also destroy normal cells of the body during the treatment process, thus causing several adverse effects. “However, our body has sufficient form of natural protein ‘p53’ which is itself anti-cancer, or cancer suppressor. This protein cleans the internal body by removal of unwanted, defective cells from the body and killing cancer cells. Reverse to it, an enzyme-protein MDM2 is also found inside the body, which is a negative regulator of the ‘p53’ protein. So, in cancer cells, good protein ‘p53’ becomes inactive due to its degradation by MDM2 enzymes and anticancer function is blocked,” said Dr Nayak. He said, “The purpose of his research was to protect ‘p53’ protein from MDM2 to enhance the self-protecting capacity of human body. Thus, blocking the interaction between these two proteins, anti to each other, is presently under investigation.” Dr Nayak’s proposal was selected from 10,000 other proposals received from across the world. Two other top proposals are from the prestigious institutions of Italy and Germany. Now, Bio-Solve IT has further provided scientifically recognised ‘drug design’ software package, for one year, to further support and strengthens this research output. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated Dr Nayak on the occasion.


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