Marathon Fitness Streak to keep Debilitating Stroke at bay

Sir Ganga Ram’s fit & Running Neurosurgeon@60 practises what he preaches

New Delhi: Dr Rajesh Acharya, 60year old neurosurgeon of Sir Ganga Ram hospital, preaches what he practises. He has completed 60th Half Marathon in 7 years at 60 yrs ! Dr Acharya has showcased himself and his fitness streak to hammer home the point that fitness and running is a must mantra to keep stroke at bay. Dr Acharya is a living example of his own pep talk around World Stroke Day (November 29)

Dr. Rajesh Acharya is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast. Dr. Acharya had started running after 50 years of age and has successfully completed more than 60 half marathon in last 7 years. *Dr. Acharya is sharing his tips for attaining physical fitness and avoiding stroke, especially during this Covid pandemic.

Last year on World Heart Day (29th September 2019), to motivate the community he organized *Delhi Fitness Run* in which about thousand runners and doctors participated. Today Dr. Rajesh Acharya ran his 60th Half Marathon of 21 kilometers on his 60th Birthday.

According to Dr. Rajesh Acharya, Senior Neurosurgeon, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, “It has been proven that neurological complications in Covid patients can be prevented by increasing the immunity by keeping oneself fit and running. I would suggest all individuals irrespective of age to indulge in moderate or vigorous physical activity. Running marathons help one to increase vital capacity of lungs, pumping action of heart and builds strong bones and muscles.”*

Stroke occurs when blood supply to any part of the brain is reduced, brain cells beginning to die in minutes. One in four people are at risk of suffering from stroke. Stroke is a medical emergency mainly due to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity: most of which can be prevented by moderate to vigorous physical activity. Dr. Acharya added, “We are seeing an increase in the incidence of stroke due to Covid virus.”

Doctors, often advise their patients and society to adopt a healthy life style by regular exercise and dietary changes but somehow ignore their own health. They often have long working hours, sedentary life style and at times bad food habits. Health and fitness is the key to a long, active and enjoyable life. It is correctly stated that *HEALTH* is the actual *WEALTH* that a person can retain. Regular exercise may keep our body 30-years younger.


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