Market Survey Finds Sale Of Dermatology Products Decreased Drastically During Last One Year

Chennai : A market research survey has found that the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically impacted on sales of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the area of dermatology and the number of patients in medical derma and trichology, a branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice about hair and scalp, has also decreased largely during the pandemic period.

The market research analytical study conducted by Mumbai based consultancy, Pronto Consult, has revealed that brands of major companies like Sun Pharma, Abbot, Galderma, Dr. Reddy’s, Ducray Pharma, GSK and Glenmark have got a dip in terms of purchase in the last 12 months period.

The time for market of dermatology products to pick up has yet to come up as social gatherings with large number of people have not yet started. However, there is a trend of increase in derma products of at least 80% of the market capacity in another 2-3 months time, says Hari Natarajan, CEO, Pronto Consult.

Quoting eminent dermatologists, he said, unlike other areas in the medical field, patients suffering from derma conditions were seen in low numbers, but a few are seen now with skin problems like fungal infections, dryness of skin (mainly due to excessive use of sanitizers), psoriasis, lichen planus amongst others. The major shortfall happened on the part of aesthetic dermatology as people do not want to go to events, functions, social gatherings…etc. Cosmetic procedures like chemical peel, microderm abrasion, hydra-facial etc have come to a halt. He said financial crisis during Covid period is the major reason for the decline.

Referring to the name of Dr. Venisha Sha, a practicing dermatologist in Mumbai, Hari Natarajan said derma has been one of the most affected markets in terms of sales during the peak of covid, but now it has slowly started to pick up. However, dermatologists hope that there will be a rise of 50% to 60% in product sales in the coming month of May. Conditions like psoriasis, dandruff, acne, fungal infections, and other autoimmune disorders are currently on the rise.

Talking about the future prospects, the market analyst said, Derma, one of the most impacted market in terms of purchases, is now seen its return with consumers picking up creams, sunscreen, skincare brands, face washes, baby products and others. Hygiene Products have seen huge spurts. Chronic brands continue to dominate the market in terms of purchases and featuring in the bills.

Apart from dermatology the findings of Pronto show that purchase of immunity boosters and neutraceuticals have dipped although they continued to dominate their presence across India. Anti-bacterials or antibiotics have witnessed a major drop in terms of appearing on the Bills. However, retailers expect it to be back over the next few quarters, said Hari Natarajan.


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