‘New found’ faith in Generics giving Branded medicines run for money

StayHappy, a pharmacy company for quality generic medicine, is hitting it big among patients

New Delhi:  Happiness is writ large on Indian healthcare, thanks to generic medicines catching up fast. Patients are in for an unprecedented savings on medicines. To put it in StayHappi pharmacy’s words, ‘Health bhi happy aur pocket bhi happy’.

Generic medicines have finally caught the imagination of the patients, thanks to Narendra Modi government’s unprecedented push for it to shield them from inflated treatment bill due to expensive branded medicines. Doctors are under immense pressure to prescribe generics only. Public opinion too is seen veering certainly towards generic medicines. It is amply evident from the quick sales of generic medicines which are hitting it big with the patients.

StayHappi’s joys know no bounds to see bumper sale of its quality generics in pharmacy in Dehradun in particular and those indifferent part of India including Delhi and NCR in general. StayHappi, a quality generic medicines company, has roped in cricketing icon Saurabh Ganguli to bat for its generic medicines. Saurabh’s association brings a measure of credibility to the pharmacy.

Talking to Medicare news, Arushi Jain, Project Head, StayHappi, said‘It was never so good before for patients in India. Generic medicines are like manna from heavens for patients who were being pushed below poverty line due to very expensive branded medicines in treatment. We are giving 30% to 90% savings in value for their medicine bills. Most of our medicines are near 90% savings range. We are quite enthused to see the pace of sale of generic medicines in our different pharmacies. The pace was breathtaking in our Dehradun Pharmacy. Medicines here exhausted within days as if they evaporated. Days may come when we might have to jet generics around to keep our pharmacies replenished 24×7. We have planned to open 15000 pharmacies pan India till 2022.’

Ms Jain further said, ‘The government’s 3000 Jau Ausadhi Kendras are proving woefully inadequate to cater to the rising demands of generic medicines. When some salts exhaust in these kendras, they take at least 3 months to refill. We are seized of the huge demand and would scale up along with it.’

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Sujit Paul, Managing Director, StayHappi, said, ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s forceful support for generic medicines has brought a great relief to patients. He has talked about bringing a law to make generic prescription compulsory which shows his commitment towards patients. The prescription of medicines by their molecule names is becoming rule rather than exception. Our advocacy through our ambassadors like Saurabh Ganguli will popularise generics all the more.’

Dr Paul further said, ‘We are bonding big with patients because of verifiable quality of our generics and their low and affordable price. The government push to generics would entail an age of low cost healthcare. Our manufacturers are well-known for their Quality Standards and manufacture about 15% of India’s total consumption of medicines. Our Generic medicines are as good as branded medicines and have similar dosage, intended use, effects, and side effects, route of administration, risks, safety, and strength as the original drug. StayHappi Pharmacy has partnered with India’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing firms whose facilities are regularly audited and approved for manufacturing by regulating authorities like FDA.’

StayHappi has a central warehouse and a robust supply chain with a distribution network across all States in India. Moreover, we are creating employment opportunities for thousands of pharmacists and doctors.



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