Pune emerging as favourite hub for health tech startups in India

Pune is already known for a good source of talent from IT companies, manufacturing sector and educational institutes and of late the city has also developed enterprise culture. “Interestingly, Pune startup eco-system has emerged powerful and the community is quite strong too, each helping one another when needed

Pune in recent time emerging as a favourite hub for health tech startup companies in India. Moving on the same path as Bangalore and Hyderabad for Information Technology (IT) companies, Pune is providing favourable environment for the startup in the healthcare technology.

In the latest development, the city has witnessed a surge in the number of health-tech start-ups – a category that is glazing hot right now. At present Pune health-tech start-ups are working on innovative products designed to change the face of healthcare,” informed Sye Nihalan, an industry analyst.

Some of the Pune based health-tech companies that have already made their mark in the industry are PlanMyMedicalTrip, Livehealth, Allizhealth, Praxify, etc.

As the central government is coming up with encouraging plans to boost the industrial sector with a ‘Make in India’ initiative, most of these innovators have emerged to provide advanced technology for the healthcare sector and Pune is becoming the hot hub for the health-tech companies.


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