Rambutan health benefits

Rambutan, its name originated from the hairy protuberances of the fruit. It belongs to the family of Sapindaceae and scientifically called Nephelium lappaceum L. Through its name Rambutan, we can clearly imagine its look in our mind.

This is a season of Lychee and Rambutan; we like both of the exotic fruits. But today we are going to discuss the benefits of Rambutan vs Lychee. Southeast Asian region is the birthplace of this fruit as it was planted first here. After that its plantation started in the different parts of the world. The countries located mainly in latitudes between 15°S and 15°N, including: Africa, Oceania And Central America are planting this exotic fruit and It is increasingly cultivated in Australia and the Hawaiian Islands.

Rambutan is less juicy than Lychee but it serves the tongue with a good taste of mild sourness and sweetness. 15-18 weeks are required to ripen this fruit and harvested two times in a year. Best suitable place to grow Rambutans are the tropical Asian plains and Fox news called it Super Fruit because of its amazing health benefits.

Rambutan is not beneficial for health only but also be a good source of income. Its plantation provides high economic efficiency as compared to some other crops. Rambutans’ demand is high in the market and it’s off season market is also very good.

All parts of Rambutan are good to get health benefits. Seeds of Rambutan are good source of oil and useful as cooking oil, soap, or even candles. Its roots and tree parts are used to pharmaceutical and colour production. Its outer peel is also very useful as it has cooling function.

Rambutan is rich source of protein, carbohydrates, good fats, vitamin C, iron, etc. You can use Green Rambutan fruits and peels to treat intestinal diseases, malaria treatment, and even worm treatment.

Malaysian and Indonesian people aware from its medicinal value from ages and they mainly use ingredients from stem, seed and flesh to make traditional medicines for some diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
Rambutan made its name to cure following health issues:

High blood pressure
Hair Strengthening
Skin beauty enhancement
Parasite Cleanse
Stimulate blood cells
Cancer Prevention

Rambutans vs Lychee is common topic as they are very similar like both have big seed in the center and have juicy flesh inside the outer reddish shell. But lychee has soft outer skin and Rambutan has hard shell. Rambutan taste is quite different from lychee as lychee is mildly sweeter than Rambutan. Advt.


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