Solan : Mukesh Saini, proprietor of Magnatek Enterprises, a pharmaceutical firm allegedly involved in the production of spurious drugs, failed to join the investigation at Baddi today.

The authorities sealed the unit on July 16 after seizing spurious drugs manufactured in violation of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The officials will inspect the premises in his presence.

CCTV footage obtained by drug officials showed him leaving the firm premises in a hurry around 8 pm on Sunday soon after a consignment was seized at the godown of a transport company.

He had reportedly received a call from the staff of the transport company about the seizure following which few other employees also made a hasty retreat on a bike while few lower-rung employees were left working in the unit.

Drugs Controller Navneet Marwaha said proprietor of Magnatek Enterprises Mukesh Saini failed to join the probe over the past two days. He has been granted the last opportunity tomorrow following which appropriate action would be taken against him.

With water-logging plaguing Delhi, the drug authorities are yet to verify whether a wholesale chemist in central Delhi had received any stock of spurious drugs manufactured at the Magnatek unit in the past.

Such a stock would be withdrawn from the market. The officials were verifying the other drug consignments sent by the firm to Chandigarh and other places.

It has been observed that wholesale traders from other states have direct links with the manufacturers at Baddi.