Stem Cells paint Vitiligo in Colour of Hope

Search of Omani guy for Treatment ends in Mumbai Clinic

Mumbai: Claims of cure of Vitiligo often end up in disappointments. At the end of the long chase, most of the patients have to live with ever increasing footprints of white on the skin all over body.  But stem cells have shown great promise of bringing back the lost colour. Here is the proof in black and white.

Sulaiman, 27 year old guy from Oman, was shattered when white patches started showing on his face.  It was same with Sulaiman like other patients of his ilk until he tumbled upon StemRx Bio Science Solutions, a state of art stem cell lab embedded in iconic hospital Seven Hills in Mumbai. But for treatment here, Sulaiman’s search would also have ended in eternal despair. Thanks to stem cells, he is again in his former self free from the fear of aggressively invading white earlier. Earlier he would shudder to think how grotesque and unsightly he would look like when white patches spread on his face.

About 5 years ago Mr. Sulaiman abruptly noticed a white patch on his face near his eyes. The number and extent of patches gradually started increasing, especially on the face. He felt devastated. Unfortunately for him, conventional medicine does not have any specific treatment that ensures re pigmentation. Moreover, in his case, there was an associated autoimmune component, due to which his condition was progressing rapidly.

When he heard of Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, a nationally renowned Regenerative Medicine Researcher in Mumbai, he consulted with him online. Following discussions, Mr. Sulaiman decided to visit India, from Oman, for cell-based therapy.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Mahajan, a trained medical doctor and Chairman, StemRx, said, “The principle behind autologous cell-based therapy for Mr. Sulaiman’s condition was that, mesenchymal cells in the body are capable of modulating the immune system, which would set right the destruction of melanin-producing cells (those responsible for pigmentation) that were being targeted by the immune system. This was the initial step to ensure that progression of Vitiligo was arrested/slowed down. Subsequently, our aim was to bring about re pigmentation of the white patches.”

Dr Mahajan added, “Once the autoimmune component is stabilized, new melanocytes will produce melanin pigment in the normal manner, thus ensuring that definitive results are achieved that can be maintained over a long period of time.”

Vitiligo patches mostly create cosmetic concerns; however, there is a social stigma associated, which is the predominant reason patients seek treatment. Conventional treatments use immunosuppressive medications and few topical treatments to achieve re pigmentation. However, the effects are minimal (if any) and long-term immune suppression can lead to other systemic effects. “With cell-based therapy, we are harnessing the natural healing mechanisms of the body, thus there is no question of side effects and results are definitive as one can see in Mr. Sulaiman’s case,” concludes Dr. Mahajan.

Dr Mahajan gushes, ‘impossible is not a word in this lab. Here, we have succeeded in treating patients suffering from different incurable diseases for which mainstream medicine does not have any solution. Such diseases are Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Type-1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism, Down’s syndrome, Paraplegia – the list is long. Since our stem cell products are from the body of patients, there are absolutely no risks of any side effects.

Dr Mahajan has also developed stem cell protocols for anti ageing solutions from head to toe.


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