Suffering from Prostate diseases? Read what these eminent Patients Prescribe

Dr. R.K.Tuli, famed Holistic Medicine practitioner, claims drugless cure for all stages of prostate ailment

New Delhi: In medicine, the examples of cure speak louder than the claims. So, Dr R K Tuli, ace holistic medicine practitioner, lets his patients do the talking when it comes to the successful treatment of different stages of prostate diseases.
His prostate patients who prescribe Dr Tuli’s holistic medicine as a sure fire treatment for incurable prostate diseases are not ordinary human beings; they have been illustrious in their respective fields. His drugless treatment protocol treated their prostate aliments after they met disappointments in allopathic medicine.
Listen to what Padma Bhusan Ajay Chowdhary, founder of Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL), has to say about efficacy of Dr Tuli’s drugless holistic medicine in the treatment of his prostate disease. He says, ‘I was referred to Dr Tuli by my neighbour who had got cured of an incurable ailment. I had continued to suffer from Chronic Prostatitis and Orchits (inflammation of one or both of the testicles) for over 10 years in spite of all possible and best of medical advice under the sun. My Uveitis (inflammation of the eye), Cervical and Spondylosis and many more chronic ailments only compounded the problem.’
Mr Chowdhary further says, ‘I feel happy to announce that I have been cured at his SOHAM clinic of all these problems concurrently over one year of spaced drug free holistic medi-care therapy. The cure has been so complete that I do not need any medicines now. I strongly recommend to all those who are disappointed by their medications to come here, GET WELL and Live Life all over again.’

What 80 year old Prakash C. Jhalani, author of book ‘Meditate’ and an ardent practitioner of Vipassana for decades, has said only deepens faith in Dr Tuli’s drugless therapy. He writes, ‘Observing dramatic improvement in the condition of my younger brother, I also decided to join Dr. Tuli’s Centre for Holistic MediCare for my symptoms of Benign Prostrate Hypertrophy in spite of prescribed medical treatment. After undergoing spaced treatment at his clinic in New Friend’s Colony without any medicines over the last six months, the symptoms due to prostate are all gone.

Satish Bhatia, a 70 years old business entrepreneur from Delhi, was confused due to varying opinions on treatment of his ADENOCARCINOMA Grade II of his PROSTATE by the various leading specialist doctors. But, his son who lives in California, USA advised him to consult Dr. Ravi Tuli in New Delhi. He did and the rest is history. After going through Dr Tuli’s treatment, his Urologist declared him CANCER FREE and fully CURED! Successive follow-ups by doctors at the top NCR Delhi hospital over the last three years continue to endorse success of this therapy.
The list of beneficiaries of his drugless therapy is long and verifiable.


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