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Birth of Twosome Test Tube Tots merits as a Rare Medical Feat


Ghaziabad/ New Delhi: The birth of 6-year-olds IVF twin baby boys, who are making heaven of a Patna home, merits as an example of rare medical feat. But for Gunjan IVF World @Indirapuram and its meticulous handling of an impossible pregnancy, this bustling home in Bihar would have remained a perfect graveyard of buried hopes of bundles of joy.

The joys of 36-year-old Abha (name changed) and her hubby Ajay know no bounds these days, thanks to squeals of children whose birth proved stuff of an IVF thriller. The lives of twosome test tube tots were trapped in catch 22 and their birth was nothing less than a roller coaster. The story how cleanly they were extricated from near death row situation speaks a volume about the outstanding birthing skills and commitment of Dr Gunjan Gupta Govil, a gynaecologist and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) expert in Ghaziabad. The couple on cloud nine are very affluent but all wealth seemed nothingness without these tots. The couples keep calling Dr (Mrs) Gunjan for showering their gratitude and telling how their lives have turned around. Dr Gunjan says, ‘nothing could be more rewarding than this. All IVF babies are gift of God for us but this particular one was a cut above the rest.’

Suddenly at 18 weeks (bare 4 and half months) of hard-earned pregnancy, a tricky situation, when one feels at wits end, developed. The water sac, which is crucial for development of the foetus, around one of them broke and started leaking. Water breaking at this stage is mishap.The little ones were measly 300 gram each. It was emergency situation and She had to be hospitalised.

The water leak threatened to be a ‘deluge’ that could sink the fond hopes of the childless couple but, thanks to Gunjan IVF World, teetering tiny tots swam safely ashore and motherhood was born. The IVF facility pulled tiny tots back from the brinkof annihilation.

Talking to Dhananjay Kumar, Medicare News, Dr Gunjan Govil said, ‘it was indeeda baffling case which presented to us- the proverbial ‘to be or not to be’. We had Hobson’s Choice of either saving both babies or let go both of the foetus waste. The latter would be a very painful prospect as this pregnancy in Gunjan IVF world had happened after 3 failed IVF cycles elsewhere. The former i.e., saving babies seemed a very tall order. No IVF expert would dare to foresee that prognosis.But we decided to go for the former and embarked on saving them by leaving no stone unturned.’

Dr (Mrs) Govil added, ‘first we stabilised both by medicines. Our efforts bore fruit which firmed up our resolve. With constant vigil and intervention, we sustained them for 26 weeks. We gave medicines for development of brain and lung material. And lo and behold! We reached 32 weeks without any mishap in between. The rest is history. Both birthed healthy and are cynosure of all eyes for last six months in a household in Patna, the capital of Bihar.’

This rare birthing was also a leap of faith. Abha, the mother would come with ‘laddu Gopal’ in a basket and would repose faith in Dr Gunjan that she would fulfil her wish. Dr Gunjan is herself a devout IVF expert and felt prayer for the twin trapped in deathly situation. She revealed to this writer that she chants Maha Mritunjay mantra every time she blends sperms and eggs on the petri dish and transfers embryo. Abha was desperate to have bundle of joy, once even trying extreme step of ending her life.

With 2000 IVF babies under her belt in six years of Gunjan IVF World, MD in Gynaecology and Obstetrics from KGMU, Dr Gunjan Gupta Govil, chief of Gunjan IVF World, is extensively trained in France, Germany and UK. In London she was part of NHS. Claiming 70 % success rate, Gunjan IVF world may soon give other assisted birthing centres in Delhi NCR run for their money.


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