Why Quality is fiercely guarded in Maharshi Ayurved Products

Anand Shrivastava, chairman, Maharshi Ayurved, says quality is an article of faith

New Delhi: The saga of burying Chyawanprash underneath soil is what constitutes the holy scripture of quality in Maharshi Ayurved. The story illustrates how Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, the presiding deity of the Ayurvedic Medicine Major, was a stickler for principles of quality.

Talking to Medicare News, Anand Shrivastava, Chairman, Maharshi Ayurved, narrated the story which goes thus. Chyawanprash was the first product of Maharshi Ayurved when Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, the globally illustrious healer, was alive. After preparation, a portion of the concoction was taken to Yogi in a silver pot while renowned Ayurvedacharya late Vaid Brihaspati Dev Triguna was present. At the behest of Yogi, Vaid Triguna tasted a spoonful of the mixture and enquired about Vanshlochan, the most important ingredient in pure Chyavanprash. The beans spilled when late Vaid Triguna wanted to know the rate at which the ingredient was bought. Vanshlochan, a product obtained from the nodal points of some species of Bamboo, is a very scarce commodity and is very costly. Dev Triguna disapproved of Chyawanprash saying it was fake Vanslochan which was used.

‘When we tried to rationalise the compromise, Maharshi flew into a rage and gave everyone concerned with the preparation a dressing down. He ordered to throw away the entire quantity forthwith and we consigned the whole quantity in a pit,’ added Mr Shrivastava.

Mr Shrivastava spoke at length about the quality control of all the ayurvedic products of Maharshi Ayurved. He said, ‘That scolding still filters into all our products. Quality is a legacy of late Maharshi Mahesh Yogi that underpins every product of Maharshi Ayurved. The lesson for quality control that he bequeathed still lives on. It was the first lesson of quality that he gave to us. Maharshi Ayurved will perpetuate that at all cost. That is why quality is so fiercely guarded in Maharshi Ayurved. Compromise with quality is regarded as sacrilege here.’

Mr Shrivastava further said, ‘The real Vanshlochan is very costly and is sold at Rs 3-4 thousand rupees a kilo. In fact, in most of the Chywanprash sold in the market synthetic Vanshlochan is used because of worldly wise consideration. But we use only real Vanshlochan in our Chywanprash strictly according to the decree of our patron saint.’

Come winter and the Chyawanprash becomes the staple dietary supplement for the millions of people in India and abroad. Of course, it is efficacious and rejuvenating. But quality is the key. The market is full of all kinds of Chyawanprash but authentic ones are few and far between.

Amrit Kalash is a top class rejuvenating product of Maharshi Ayurved, of course in the same vein of quality control. Prepared from a number of herbs, Amrit Kalash has been found very effective in promoting perfect health and longevity. Amrit Kalash was named by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi himself. It is said Amrit Kalash embodies the essence of the supreme knowledge in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Yet another feather in Maharshi Ayurved is Glucomap, a medicine for diabetics. After clinical trials in King George Medical College and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), its efficacy has been established beyond doubt and evidences of diabetics getting freedom from insulin are piling up.


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