72% Pharma Sales Professionals have a fear of losing job due to COVID 19 pandemic..,

In a recently conducted online survey involving 2206 pharmaceutical sales professionals, it is found that 72% of them have a fear of losing job due to COVID 19 pandemic. In these days people assume that pharmaceutical and healthcare are the 2 industries which are growing due to pandemic and this survey observation is completely reverse.

K K Consulting Services, Mumbai recently conducted this survey involving pharmaceutical sales professionals from all over India. >50% participants of this survey have more than 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical sales and around 59% of participants are presently working as team manager. Information received from such experienced professionals can’t be ignored.

Fear of losing job is observed slightly more among team managers than the medical representatives. Participants from East & North zone of India has observed with more fear of losing job (74%) than that of other 2 zones. West (71%), South (69%)

It is observed that participants feels that it will take around 0-6 month time to start doctors sales calls the normal way as it was happening before COVID pandemic.

To know more insight of this survey, connect K K Consulting Services, Mumbai at info@kkconsultingservices.com


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