A Yashoda for Baby Boy of an HIV Mother

Dr Ruby Bansal’s missionary zeal is turning around lives of many a patient of AIDS

New Delhi: Dr Ruby Bansal in Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital at Kaushambi is a doting HIV physician to Krrish (name changed), baby boy of an HIV mother under her treatment as if she is his foster mother- jealously guarding his well being.

The adorable boy is nearing first year of his seeing the light of the day and Dr Bansal is eagerly waiting for his B Day celebration where she will be a special presence. When 22 year old Alia (name changed again), infected with HIV, came to her in 2008, Dr Bansal promised to her as she does to all her HIV patients that she would not let her die and that she would have her a bundle of joy clear from virus as well.  From then onwards, she not only treated her to save her life but also groomed and motivated her to be ready for planning pregnancy. And when Alia finally was on her family way, Dr Bansal kept vigil on her to avert abortion and any other untoward development.

Krrish, cute one indeed is cynosure of Dr Bansal’s eyes. Just as Alia enters her chamber, Dr Bansal takes her from Alia and cuddle as if she got her most precious toy. Though Dr Bansal would yearn to see the child but would often advice her not to bring Krrish to hospital with her as she fears some bad eyes might befall him. It is not for nothing that she has earned the tag of Yashoda, the scriptural foster mother of Krishna.

Alia got diagnosed HIV carrier during her Gynae check up after she decided to plan pregnancy. When the revelation came, her world came down into pieces. But, in 12 years hence, she has learnt to live with HIV and become her smart and bubbly self again, thanks to Dr Bansal’s and her husband’s unstinted support throughout her trying times.

Only last month she had come to Yashoda for routine check up as usual.  Talking to Medicare News, Alia said, ‘My joys know no bounds and avidly looking forward to celebrate his B Day. But all this would not have happened without Dr Bansal. She reinvented me with her dose of motivation. Becoming mother was like a roller coaster journey for me but was made easy by her consistent support and clinical guidance. Dr Bansal shared every bit of my worries. I had buried my dream of becoming a mother and did not want to infect my husband and get an infected child but Dr Bansal ensured that I get best of both the worlds.’

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Bansal said, ‘when she came to me I promised her life and motherhood provided she heeded my advice ad verbum. And she did. She proved most ideal HIV patient. She is regularly taking her medicine, following my advice and going great guns. Only after a year, I started egging her on for planning pregnancy. Her husband was a critical support in her life’s tough battle. Many husbands would dump their wives to fend for themselves.’

She got pregnant through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) which is a fertility treatment in which sperm is placed inside a woman’s Uterus. ‘The most challenging part was to sustain the pregnancy. HCG, a hormone test, is a critical reading. After two weeks, I found that it was not up to the mark. That was a little worry. Then meditation and positive affirmation techniques did the magic. I told her to keep poise and keep thinking that she would have a normal baby perfectly alright. Next beta HCG was heartening and much improved. I use integrated approach in treating HIV patients. This approach came handy in this case. I also got the help of homeopathy as well to offset the side effects of allopathic medicines, Dr Bansal added.

As HOD, Preventive Health and Senior Consultant HIV, Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital, Dr Ruby Bansal is turning lives of many a patient of AIDS. Raising hopes among AID’s patients is her mission. She has treated close to 6 thousand HIV/AIDS patients so far. She is credited of creating 25 families so far despite one of the partners carrying HIV.


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