Acupuncture, the Accelerated Yoga, a Healing Power beyond Modern Medicine

Stamp of approval by WHO long ago & govt recently speaks a volume

New Delhi: Acupuncture, needle piercing painless and drugless therapy, has undeniably immense healing potential. It is not for nothing that WHO long ago and Indian government not long ago accorded it place in therapeutic domain it rightly deserved.

Magic may be a word from the lexicon of non science but some of the treatment outcomes of acupuncture therapy go beyond modern medicine and cannot be called by other name.

Indian patients lost precious times thanks to government’s inordinate delay in recognising the huge healing power of Acupuncture, also popularly called accelerated Yoga. It took government 37 years to act even after recognition bestowed on the panacea by World Health Organization (WHO), the ultimate seal of approval in medicine. WHO gave acupressure thumbs up on the basis of multiple trials all over the world. The Indian government accorded it the status of independent system of medicine not long ago.

Dr Ravi K Tuli, a renowned Veteran of Acupuncture and an ace holistic practitioner running Soham Clinic in New friend’s colony rues the delay, saying ‘it pains me to see people being kept in dark so long about the sure-fire efficacy of this painless and drugless therapy.’

For corporate hospitals, acupuncture is a word of fear or how else do you explain Dr Tuli being offloaded by a super speciality hospital irked by magical outcomes of acupuncture and his fame fanning far and wide. If a trained medical doctor having worked in Army Hospital in Delhi decided to go to china and get trained in acupuncture, there must be some very compelling reason. The fact is acupuncture can give allopath a run for their money.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Tuli said, ‘The whole world acknowledges that in alleviation of pain, acupuncture is unparalleled. USA, Russia and other developed countries have long ago put acupuncture high on the pedestal of medicine. Indian government has done it only this year in last March, though the central health ministry in 2003 had issued a letter saying acupuncture can be practised by qualified doctors of all system who have received training in acupuncture. World Health Organization recognised it way back in 1982. Had  Indian government acted close on the heels of WHO’s endorsement of it, many hundred thousand patients would not have been deprived of this great therapy.’

It is hoped that government bestowing on it the status of independent system of medicine will go a long way in making acupuncture a medicine of choice and unveil an era of magical treatment outcomes in India.

Dr Tuli, Indian Air Force Veteran, says, ‘when pills and scalpel of modern science fail, acupuncture must be given a chance for unexpected outcome. This drugless treatment protocol has been found effective even in terminal patients and a slew of chronic medical conditions including cancer.’

Sample Arjuna Award fame illustrious weightlifter Chhaya Adak; Due to years of weightlifting and cumulative injuries, Mrs Adak developed chronic pain in her knees, wrists, elbows and the spine. When she came to Dr Tuli’s Soham clinic, she could not even stand, but after a few acupuncture sessions, she started walking on her legs.

Talking about Mrs Adak, his most coveted treatment trophy, Dr Tuli says, ‘Chaya Adak remains a solitary example in the history of sports worldwide where a coach, after overcoming her niggling injuries due to her sport of weightlifting, returns to her active sport and does better than ever before to tie for 3-golds at Asian Weightlifting and 3-bronze medals at World Weightlifting Championship, respectively, to do proud to her country. Her achievements were acknowledged by the Govt. of India with the coveted ARJUNA AWARD and she landed the job of an Assistant Commandant with the Central Industrial Security Force. Twenty five years later she continues to inspire the young in the country by being in the Talent Hunt team of Khelo India. She, also, runs a Rifle Shooting Academy to train young in the country for international honours.

And all this ‘lo and behold’ outcome, thanks to Acupuncture!, Says Dr Tuli with an air of confidence. Talking to Medicare News, Mrs Adak talked in glowing terms about Dr Tuli and his USP acupressure.

Such examples of magical treatment outcomes are piling up in Soham clinic. Patients of almost all chronic ailments got new lease of life.

Dr Tuli says, ‘I call it accelerated yoga because what yoga does in continuous practice, acupuncture does in an instant. It is an armamentarium in the hands of a holistic practitioner to settle medical emergencies much faster than intravenous medication leading to inner harmony which helps in elimination of every disease. That acupuncture helps in pulling patients out of medical emergencies in a few seconds time was my reason of choosing acupuncture therapy as my calling despite being a trained medical doctor.’

Dr Tuli further said, ‘Yoga brings about blend of inner consciousness with omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient divine, of microcosm with macrocosm, which restores milieu interior, bringing in harmony, healing, health and wellness of body, mind and soul. Yoga is practised to promote the health and prevention against sickness. Acupuncture by insertion of the needle at the appropriate acu points facilitates instantaneous restoration of the milieu interior thereby eliminating the cause of sickness and restoring positive health.

Summing up, Dr Tuli adds, ‘acupuncture comes out as an excellent therapy in the treatment of incurable chronic medical conditions such as in incurable pain, diabetes, , hypertension, allergies, gastro disorders, degenerative conditions, hormonal disorders et al. It is very beneficial in failed fertility and sexual disorders. As a sports medicine in the treatment of injuries, acu outcomes are marvellous as instance of Chhaya Adek amply exemplify.’


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