After 14yrs of aborted hope, Stem Cells made her Mother

In treating infertile women, stem cells are Eureka moment

New Delhi: For 42 years old Kanpur woman, it was a veritable ‘Eureka’ moment, thanks to injection of her own stem cells. She found her bundle of joy after 14 years of a wild goose chase.

The infertile lady Kiran (name changed) tried almost all options available in the assisted fertility basket but of no avail. Her Chartered Accountant husband took her to a number of reputed IVF (Test Tube Baby) experts of the country but she remained far from conceiving.

At the height of despondency, while they were about to call it quits, they bumped into hope named stem cells and, to their glee laced surprise, Kiran ended up having a secure baby bump. The long dark tunnel of childlessness was all of a sudden awash with light of happiness. The absence of squeal of a child in their swanky home was like a pall of gloom over the well off family.

Before magical stem cell intervention, her womb would not hold the fertilised embryo. She aborted umpteenth of times due to one missing link called endometrium.  This is the place inside womb where the embryo clings and is nurtured. The absence of this endometrium is reason of renting a womb (surrogacy) possessing this crucial component of the process of motherhood. The injection of her own stem cells formed a motherhood grade endometrium in her womb.

Talking to Medicare News, Prabhu Mishra, the ace stem cell specialist in the country, said, ‘  About a couple of months ago, when I came to know that she took home the baby, it was a special moment for me too because Kiran had a very long tryst with infertility . Not that she is the sole example of efficacy of stem cell. I have successfully done this in over 50 women having same deficiencies as that of Kiran in Mohali, Gurgaon , Chandigarh, Faridabad and some other cities.’

Dr. Mishra, CEO of StemGenn Therapeutics, the company that specialises in retrieval of best quality stem cells, further said, ‘Kiran had defects in ovary and endometrium. The thickness of her endometrium never reached more than 3 mm which ideally should be 6 to 8mm. She got wind of stem cells therapy from some doctor. As a last refuge, I was connected with her IVF specialist to whom I narrated stem cell therapy relevance in her case. That doctor took 6 months of time to ascertain the claim. He also participated in one of my stem cell conferences.  After a couple of months, the doctor came with the couple.  I extracted stem cells from Kiran’s blood and started treatment. ’

Dr. Mishra, the founder of Anti ageing Foundation, added, ‘Just after 3 weeks, changes started coming in endometrium and it attained the requisite thickness in no time. Her B-hCG was around 1300. Her ovary defect was also gone due to stem cell injection. She got pregnant and it stayed. I have initiated stem cell applications for infertility treatment with many gynaecologists. Stem cells and Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) have a major role’

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, the Mumbai based doyen of test tube baby procedure IVF in India, who was in Delhi for world Population Day function in Vigyan Bhavan, also vouched for the efficacy of stem cells in infertility treatment. He said to Medicare News in no uncertain terms, ‘Stem cell therapy is effective in infertility, really effective.’

In the final analyses, stem cells are emerging as an ultimate answer to someone’s prayer for bundle of joy.
The bill to curb surrogacy (renting womb) is in the offing and stem cell therapy presents itself as an effective alternative of the need to rent a womb. So, the stem cell therapy is billed as a game changer in infertility treatment.

Stem cell therapy starts, where all interventions prove futile. Stem cells possess solutions for all infertility related problems ranging from thin endometrium, low ovarian reserve and ovarian failure in women to low sperm count and azoospermia (complete lack of sperm) in men. It looks the blend of IVF and stem cell therapy makes take home baby almost a certainty.

Not only infertility, stem cells come handy in almost all disorders including diabetes, arthritis, erectile dysfunction in human beings. It is ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing. God has invested in us the stem cells which have emerged as panacea. If being younger than years is the latest buzzword, stem cells are the in thing. And given the immense potential in stem cells to put the clock of age back, the craze to look younger longer is going through a blast recently. Stem cell therapy is making people many years younger. The youthfulness and revitalization injected via stem cells comes from within. Stem cell therapy is a new exciting vehicle of wellness.


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