AIOCD Asks Cos To Take Back Stock Of Favipiravir & Remdesivir As Demand Drops

Mumbai : The All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) has asked the marketing heads of pharmaceutical companies to take back the stock of favipiravir and remdesivir, the drugs which were indicated for the treatment of Covid-19.

“Most of our members compelled to purchase such drugs on advance payment. But in the recent past, due to the drastic fall of Covid-19 positive cases, the demand for such products has gone down too. It is reported that stock lying with stockist has come close to its date of expiry as most of the batches manufactured by companies had hardly three months shelf life,” said AIOCD president J S Shinde in a letter written to the marketing heads of pharmaceutical companies.

The association stated that prescription generation is the primary obligation of manufacturers and these drugs are strictly mandated to be sold on prescription. Now retailers and stockists have no other option but to return the stock to companies.

“Our members have always supported industry at the time of launching new products. During Covid-19 period also trade supported even by accepting unusual terms, cooperating with the companies to serve humanity by making available your new Covid-19 drugs,” stated AIOCD general secretary Rajiv Singhal in a letter.

“Similarly a vast difference in trade prices of similar molecules/ formulations of various drugs manufacturers also aggravated the situation for breaking movements of their brands. Resulting in a huge non moving stock of remdesivir and favipiravir lying with stockists and suppliers/companies not accepting such stocks for adjustment,” stated the AIOCD.

“Therefore you are requested to please issue clear instructions to your carrying and forwarding agent (CFAs) to accept all returns, expiry/slow moving stock of favipiravir and remdesivir from the trade stockists for settlement. Hope you will cooperate and help the trade save from huge losses for no fault on their part,” AIOCD stated in the letter to marketing heads.


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