Amidst Coronavirus Fear, rare Brain Tumour Surgery @ Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

19-year-old male was diagnosed with Neurological Abnormality called Hypothalamicgliona

New Delhi:  19-year-old Jaivin Sehgal, was presented with recurrent episodes of loss of consciousness and constipation. After being treated for constipation at various other centres in Delhi, his condition deteriorated. After a week, when he was brought to Indraprastha Apollo he was diagnosed with a neurological abnormality called hypothalamicglioma (a rare kind of tumor)in the brain. It is a rare tumour usually found in children and young adults. These tumors have symptoms like headaches, seizures, irritability, vomiting, visual difficulties and weakness or numbness of the extremities.

Dr Sudheer Tyagi, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, who was leading this extremely critical surgery with his team, said,” When tumours appear in such critical locations in the brain, it is very important for the surgeon to ensure that the surgery is done with absolute preciseness. In Jaivin’s case, total excision of the tumour was done under a microscope. In this very demanding surgery, we had two tasks at hand, extracting the tumor without causing harm to any other nerves and ensuring that other parts of the brain remain untouched. The surgery was done successfully, and we saw immediate improvement in Jaivin’s condition in two days”.

Patient’s father expressed his gratitude to the team and said” We approached a lot of doctors at various hospitals in the past 7 days but none of the doctors were able to diagnose my son’s condition. I am happy and satisfied that Dr Sudheer, not only diagnosed the complicated condition but adopted the correct line of treatment, my son feels better now, within two days of the surgery”.

Hypothalmic gliomas are usually benign, slow-growing brain tumors. As these tumors are usually located at the base of the brain, the surgeries are difficult and life threatening. While the area is exceedingly small, the hypothalamus plays a crucial role in many important functions of the body, including releasing hormones and regulating body temperature. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is among the very few Neurocentres in Delhi NCR that is equipped with expertise of the Microscopic Excision surgery.


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