Aster Pharmacy gets hard earned accolades for ‘Continuous Improvement’

The pharmacy chain bags the prestigious ‘The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award’ (SKEA)

Dubai/ Delhi: It is not for nothing that Aster Pharmacy has become a household name in UAE. It has emerged as the brand of choice amongst pharmacies due to its improvement on the trot. The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) in silver category amply testifies to Aster Pharmacy’s sterling qualities.

Aster Pharmacy did not win this award on a silver platter. There is a long saga of ‘delivering good health and happiness’ through friendly neighbourhood pharmacies. Aster Pharmacy, a division of Aster DM Healthcare, has been honoured for its outstanding performance. Jobilal  Vavachan , CEO, Aster Pharmacy,  received the award from His Highness  Sheikh Hemed bin  Zayed Al Nahyan , chairman of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court at the award ceremony  held at Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

Offering the entire gamut of curative , nutritive, baby products, life style, wellness products, FMCG, cosmetics, personal and homecare products,  dots GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council ) healthcare landscape with over 200 pharmacies. It has won hearts and touched millions of lives thanks to its customer first orientation, quality products and services.

The entity followed a prudent growth strategy, demonstrated continuous improvement and achieved excellence through adoption of soundly –based approaches for quality services. Aster Pharmacy, a division of Aster DM Healthcare, is backed by more than two decades of experience in pharmaceutical retailing. Recognized today as the as the region’s leading pharmacy retail chain, Aster Pharmacy started with a focus on ‘delivering good health and happiness’ through friendly neighbourhood pharmacies which were customer centric and easily accessible.

SKEA was launched by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry back in 1999 as a blue print, roadmap and methodology for continuous improvement aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the Business sector in Abu Dhabi and UAE. The SKEA award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a clear evidence of continuous improvement over their past performance.


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