Be careful with your bill receipts, they may be Toxic

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Recently environmental NGO Toxics Link conducted a study which explained that the paper normally used at ATM machines, grocery stores, gas stations has been found with high BPA content across the markets in the Capital of India, Delhi. The contained BPA content crossed the EU safe standard of 200 parts per million (ppm) in India. However, EU doesn’t  set a safe limit set for thermal paper.

Whenever you go to purchase something next time, be careful and think twice before holding the receipt generated on thermal paper. A receipt may be toxic and you may be exposing yourself to an endocrine disrupting chemical — Bisphenol-A (BPA).

In the study, 12 unused samples were collected from the Delhi markets like Jangpura, Nehru Place, Malviya Nagar and Bhogal and the receipts of products ordered online were also sent to the department of biotechnology at Banaras Hindu University for testing.

Dr. Prashant Rajankar, programme coordinator, Toxics Link said that reports proved that the level of BPA is exceedingly high in the thermal paper and that can cause harmful effects to our skin and health. The investigated through chromatography found the levels of BPA concentration between 300 ppm and 6,600ppm.

BPA is known to cause different antagonistic wellbeing impacts, as adjusted thyroid capacities, heftiness, diabetes, heart sicknesses, impeded liver and kidney capacities, hyperactivity and disabled learning. Specialists said that the substance additionally mirrors the natural action of estrogen that puts creating kids at the most serious hazard.

In 2015, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) had begun eliminating the utilization of BPA in infant bolstering bottles in the wake of considering the wellbeing sway on youngsters.

Thermal paper is additionally utilized by ticketing organizations, lottery frameworks and different organizations that require exact and high-volume printouts.

Piyush Mohapatra, a senior program coordinator at Toxics Link, said BPA is loosely bound with thermal paper, thus there is a high possibility of the concoction entering the human skin and in addition polluting the biological system.

“All inclusive, endeavors are being made to eliminate or limit the utilization of BPA in thermal papers. Nations like Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, and France have restricted the utilization of BPA in Thermal papers,” Mohapatra included.


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