BLK is now armed with most advanced radiation weapon to kill cancer tumours

The super speciality hospital launched the first and most advanced Tomo Therapy in Delhi

New Delhi: BLK, the super speciality hospital in Delhi, now is armed with the latest and most effective radiation weapon in its cancer armamentarium.The cancer tumour annihilator named Radixact 9 makes BLK Cancer Centre world class and a cut above the rest in Delhi.

The upshot of this cutting edge radiation therapy technology is its augmented curative capability, far less side effects and preservation of organs and functions.

In a press conference on March 27 the hospital announced its launch. Patients are already lined up to avail of this technology promising far better outcomes in cancer treatment. Explaining its advantages, radiation experts said that the high end technology drastically reduces complications and can tailor the radiation according to the need of a particular patient. According to them, with Radix9, radiation therapy has become accessible to where it was not possible earlier like in prostate cancer. They also said its application is most effective in cases of brain tumour. Radixact 9 comes with high degree of precision, speed and accuracy.

The new and advanced machine has come as boon for patients who need radiation therapy for treatment of critical diseases especially cancers. Radiation experts say that Radixact 9 radiation machine provides several clinical benefits to cancer patients.

Highlighting the key features of TomoTherapy, Dr. S Hukku, Chairman & Sr. Consultant, Radiation Oncology, BLK Super Speciality Hospital said, ‘TomoTherapy has come as a boon to cancer patients. It is now used as a curative treatment for cancer, the second leading cause of death across the world. With the most recent introduction of TomoTherapy, the radiation oncology has touched an all new high in the race of effective curative treatment for serious illnesses. BLK Super Specialty Hospital has acquired the latest version of the machine for TomoTherapy: Radixact 9, which enables a fully integrated platform for intelligent treatment planning, data management and treatment delivery.’

‘Using a refined x-ray beamline and next-generation imaging technology, the system delivers scalable and highly reliable treatments for patients with a variety of individual treatment needs. TomoTherapy is an all in one advanced form of cancer treatment that combines Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) with the accuracy of Computed Tomography (CT) scanning technology (IGRT- Image Guided Radiotherapy),’ added Dr.  Hukku.

TomoTherapy is marked as the latest and the smartest radiation therapy to trick and treat the most complicated cancer tumours.

Dr. Shikha Halder, Director & Sr. Consultant, Radiation Oncology, BLK Super Speciality Hospital said, “The launch of the most advanced version of TomoTherapy is truly a remarkable development which will completely change the way cancer has been treated in India forever.” With this system we can deliver fractionated radiotherapy as well as SBRT and Radiosurgery.’

During the launch ceremony Dr Mradul Kaushik, Director, Operations & Planning, BLK Super Speciality Hospital said “The launch of the most advance version of TomoTherapy reinforces our commitment for delivering excellent radiation therapy treatment for cancer patients. New generation radiation machine and our highly experienced team enable us to move ahead towards precise and personalized care, therefore improving the quality of life of cancer patients. TomoTherapy ensures that the most advance care is now accessible by the patients of NCR and the neighbouring states.


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