Coming together of two pioneers of anti ageing

By: Dhananjay Kumar

New Delhi: Though retrieving youthfulness has been a craving for ages, it was never so good for it in India. The name of the alchemy is fusion of two globally acclaimed pioneers of anti ageing. Indian Stem cell therapy facility, Nu tech Mediworld and Mexico’s ‘Villa of Youth’ have joined forces to repair the ravages of ageing on body, the former from within and latter from without. It entails whole new concept of rejuvenation.
The collaboration is billed as redefining quest for lost youthfulness in India and unveiling a whole new concept of anti ageing. If disruption is the credo of the time and, as even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been named as Disrupter- in- Chief, the coming together of these anti ageing houses is going to be one of sorts. While Nu Tech has the expertise to repair wear and tear in the internal organs of the body by embryonic stem cells, ‘Villa of Youth’ has the time tested twin technology, threading and permanent filler, to make good the dents of time on face and other outside areas of the body. The synthesis of the two thus completes the armamentarium for fighting age ravages with finesse. The collaboration has resulted into a rejuvenation program that has many success stories to flaunt in a very short span of time.
Sample this. Arun Dalmia, 61, Mumbai’s well known advisor at financial services and a clientele in the program, has his diabetes cured through stem cell therapy in Nu Tech Mediworld at Green Park. It came about in just a course of one and a half months. Nu Tech founder and ace embryonic stem cell therapist Dr. Geeta Shroff has the rare distinction of treating incurable conditions by her exclusive embryo stem cell injections. But his happiness is multiplied due to the Midas Touch of Dr. Carlos Soria, on his face, which was a spectacle of age ravages. His joys know no bounds as he is retrieving his former self. Dr. Soria, founder of ‘Villa of Youth’ and a renowned expert in non-surgical medical and aesthetic modifications, has applied his non invasive Brazilian technique to repair his facial distortions such as frown lines, acne scars, wrinkles and nasal labial folds etc. And lo and behold! Mr. Dalmia’s face has undergone a sea change and for much better to his great satisfaction. Talking to Medicare News, Mr. Dalmia says, ‘After stem cell therapy, I felt young for sure. But that was not enough for me. I wanted to look young too. That is why I joined this rejuvenation program.’
Talking to Medicare News, Dr. Carlos Soria said, ‘this is a minimally invasive hardly two hours OPD procedure. In a week’s time the procedure’s wounds heals. No side effects have so far reported. In America, the Brazilian techniques of face rejuvenation are a craze cutting across all age groups. It is successfully used for permanent lip pout, chin and cheek augmentation.  It can even be used collar bone/neck filler for youthful flawless look.’ Dr. Soria has over 25,000 face and outer body rejuvenation so far to his credit.
Dr. Geeta Shroff says, ‘the joint rejuvenation program started under the aegis of this collaboration is going to bring about a paradigm shift in the concept of anti ageing and cosmetology in India. The blending of stem cell intervention and non invasive face job is a complete package of anti ageing. This package is in keeping with the new age definition of anti ageing treatment that envisages feeling young and looking young rolled into one. The mere saying- you are as young as you think is a passé. Now it is – You are as young as you look. But our rejuvenation program has best of both the worlds and works both from within and without.’


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