Decoding Heart’s धड़कन to keep Anxiety at bay

Dhadkan, a League of Experts, saving People from being Captive of Irrational Fears

Mumbai/ New Delhi: Anxiety about heart, it is alleged, is the ‘mother’ of innumerable unnecessary angioplasties and bypasses in Indian hospitals. When you experience palpitation or some pain around your chest area, you might end up in a hospital where odds of your going under knife are high, even if your fears about heart are ill founded. In Corona time, your anxiety may be as if on steroids and the resultant panic might drive you straight to where you do not wish to be.

In such situations of heart related fears, how one wishes someone be there to tell him whether there is nothing to worry or there is urgent need for some intervention. In a private hospital, you may not have this window of honest opinion; you become a veritable captive there. People in India are well aware of the perils of going to private hospitals.

Dhadkan, an initiative of first of its kind, is a go to facility which is saving scores of people from becoming victim of irrational fears about heart. It decodes the nature of your heart beats and show you the way ahead at the spur of the moment-whatever is right fit for your heart.

Sample this: A 34 yr old young man Puneet (name changed) who worked in a bank getting fat pay cheque, would often experience palpitation and perspiration (sweating) in the grind of the hectic work schedule. On one such occasion, he panicked and drove straight to a very reputed hospital in Mumbai. After few tests, Puneet was told he urgently needed a heart procedure to avert the impending medical crisis. He even had signed on dotted line on papers for procedure after a couple of days.

Fortunately for him, he connected to Dhadkan through some intermediary. And lo and behold, experts there assessed him and concluded he needed no procedure at all. It was just an anxiety attack due to acidity and gas formation. Following a regimen of some life style change and medicine, he is now all well. But for timely assessment by Dhadkan, 49 yr old housewife in Chennai Poorvi Jain too was primed to end up in a hospital. She also experienced same symptoms as the banker above. The doctor told her she had severe cholesterol level and might be in for serious heart trouble. She needed to be under observation.

But according to Dhadkan experts, it is not to say that all such symptoms should be ignored thinking them due to acidity or gas. In some cases, they might be symptoms of some serious event. Dhadkan experts claim they can assess the risk spot on. Dhadkan is a mix of experts which intervenes just in time to both prevent heart disease and dispel unfounded fears. Dhadkan  has on board Dr Ruchit Shah – Interventional Cardiologist, MBBS, DNB Medicine, DNB Cardiology, Imaging (IVUS, OCT, FFR) – South Korea and Valves (TAVR, Mitraclip, Tricuspid clip) LA, USA, who sees patients in Saifee and Breach Candy hospitals, Tejal Shah – Yoga therapist, Chakra Psychologist, Yogic counsellor and Pranayam Therapist, Dr Kamlesh Jain, cardiac surgeon working with KEM hospital, Dr Alpesh  Jain Diabetologist et el.

Talking to Medicare News, Tejal Shah said, ‘Ours is a facility where we run Heart Risk Assessment Program. Dhadkan is both preventive and curative. We assess the need of intervention, scotch irrational fears and decipher the symptoms. For now we are doing it online. Corona has compounded the anxiety and we are getting frantic call for such risk assessment. Dhadkan is catching the imagination of people slowly but surely. Our aim is to promote healthy heart through light touch entailing life style management and prescription of medicine.’

She further added, ‘life style management and yoga under the supervision of trained cardiologists can go a long way to ensure healthy heart and reversing heart diseases.’


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