Deep investigation opens unseen overpricing issues of Pharmaceutical firm

Medicare News

FDA may send overpricing notice to the Pharmaceutical firm. While investigating Saurya Pratap case against Medanta for overpricing, officers found the medicines used in the bill had MRP higher than the prescribed price.

Drug control officer, Sandeep Gahlain Gurugram said after getting the technical opinion, they will finalize the notice. This notice will give 15-days time to that company to respond.

He also said that no company can set MRP for a drug without the approval from NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority). Gurugram’s famous Saurya Pratap’s overpriced case is like a light for the people and for the government, to keep an eye on the bills and hospital’s services, as they are trying their best to get much out of the pockets from patient’s family.

Food and Drug Administration working on the issue seriously and serve notice soon to the company.


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