First 3D Printed Technology based Facial Reconstruction in Delhi NCR

Oncology Surgeons Team @ ASIAN Hospital gave New Face to a Foreign Patient


Faridabad/New Delhi: Highly experienced surgeons of India gave a new face and life to a 35-year-old patient from Uzbekistan, thanks to 3D Technology. The claim is it is first of kind in Delhi NCR.

The patient suffered from unicysticameloblastoma on the left side of his mandible (Jaw). The condition Ameloblastoma is one of the rare pathological conditions in Oral and maxillofacial (OMF) parts. The patient underwent a rare and first of its kind OMF surgery performed by a team of surgeons at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (Asian Hospital), Faridabad.

The three-hour-long surgery was performed and led by Dr Amish Chaudhary, Director-Surgical Oncology, Asian Hospital and supported by Dr Manish Nanda, Senior Consultant — Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery and Dr Aditya Harsh (Surgeon).

Ameloblastoma can be very aggressive, resulting in lesions that can cause severe dis-figuration. Abnormal cell growth easily infiltrates and destroys surrounding bony tissues, wide surgical excision is required to treat this disorder. After reviewing the patient’s condition, we decided to respect the infected unicysticameloblastoma mandible involving condyle and coronoid processes using the custom-designed mandible cutting guide. The resected region was reconstructed with patient-specific titanium (Ti6Al4V) prostheses,” said Dr Amish Chaudhary, Director-Surgical Oncology, Asian Hospital. 

In a first-of-its-kind surgery, Surgeons first did 3D virtual surgical planning and then a mock surgery was done on a 3D printed model which is a 1:1 replica of the patient anatomy.

“The treatment of conventional ameloblastoma is best done by bone resection. Larger ameloblastomas can require partial resection of the jaw bone followed by reconstruction. Initially, for the patient we had planned for a free fibula mandibular reconstruction, however, the detailed CT and MRI images demonstrated it otherwise as the entire condyle and coronoid process required resection. Hence, we opted for the best procedure with customized mandible implants,” added Dr Chaudhary.

The patient expressed his gratitude towards Dr Amish Chaudhary and his team at Asian Hospital and left for his country after getting rid of a troubling disorder. According to surgeons, he will now be leading normal-active life without any OMF complications.


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