Gelatin capsules may disappear soon in the India

New Delhi : The government received recommendations to use cellulose capsules, that are originated from plants are safe to use in comparison of gelatin capsules.  The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) had discussed technical issues with the replacement of gelatin with cellulose capsules in their meetings. The Central government is active on this matter and health ministry asked an advice from stakeholders.

BIS, The Bureau of Indian Standards also shared a document in the favor of the cellulose capsules. Capsules are used in both the medications and supplements and gelatin capsules are animal based and cheaper than plant based capsules. Collagen contained in gelatin and that can affect our cartilage and bones, expert medical professionals claimed that gelatin capsules can cause stomach infection, bloating, and allergy in human body.

Gelatin capsules are not consumed by everyone because of the process they made through. Gelatin mainly produced from various parts of the animals like bovine and pigs. As the gelatin is affected by heat and makes them unstable when exposed to heat or humidity. Gelatin capsules cannot be used with Liquids and gels because the material is not compatible with them.

And cellulose capsules made from animal byproducts and long term usage not causes potential health risks. They are 100% natural, nontoxic and good option for vegetarian peoples. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is mainly used for manufacturing vegetarian capsule shells.

This matter also came in lights last year, when DCGI (The Drug Controller General of India) had shared a notice to the pharmaceutical companies asking their suggestions on the replacement of gelatin. The decision not made till now just because gelatin is the main material now and tested capsules that serving their usage well with no adverse reaction till today.  So, let’s wait for the decision what may come.


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