Government drafts a plan to save environment from a threat of Bio-medical waste

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Improper disposal of bio-medical waste in the country causes health hazards to patients and their relatives, microbiological and chemical contamination of soil and groundwater. In short, it is a threat to an environment.

As a citizen of India, we all have right to live in a clean environment is one of the Fundamental Rights, and is the innovative judicial interpretations of article 21 of Constitution of India. To deal with Bio-medical waste-threat to the environment, the Union Environment Ministry has issued draft guidelines for bar code system that will track waste from source of the generation to a final treatment and disposal. This system to be adopted in compliance with the Bio-Medical Waste Management (BMWM) Rules, 2016 by a healthcare facility (HCF) and operator of a Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF).

The technology behind Bar code enables the government to identify the origin of the waste and quantification of bio-medical waste generated. The waste report hand over to the CBWTF operator by the healthcare facility with color coding wise for further treatment and disposal in accordance with the BMWM Rules, 2016. The bar code has a provision for color coded bag 01 for yellow, 02 for Red, 03 for white translucent color, 04 for blue color card container.

Some of the main instructions are Bar code label should include name of the HCF, place and postal PIN code; and unique number of the HCF can be PAN No/authorization number granted by the SPCB/PCC/DGAFMS/GST number (to be finalised in consultation with the stakeholders), unique number of the bag/containers (to be finalised in consultation with the stakeholders). To use printed bags, there are some rules has been made by BMWM Rules, 2016 i.e., bag thickness should be more than 50 µ. It should be tamper proof, water proof, and its color should not be faded in due course of at least for 48 hours after its use The main things are it should able to resist the temperatures, pressures maintained and should not fade its color after microwaving or chemical disinfection.

The rules made it obligatory for the administrator of CBWTF to filter bio-medical waste gathered in the predetermined color coded bags at the assigned place just and give a printed copy of the waste accumulation receipt created by the scanner framework and guarantee that every one of the information ought to be put away and made accessible to every one of the clients or part HCF, at least for a time of five years.

For each pack examined by the bar identification scanner and/or scanner tag scanner based mobile application ought to naturally exchange the data (which incorporate name data, date, time and weight of each sack/compartment) to halfway found standardized tag based waste administration framework programming. There ought not to be any manual mediation of the HCF concerning the bio-restorative waste era amounts and its exchange.

Now the issues like duties of different partners, recuperation of cost to CBWTF, charges to be imposed on the HCF or administrator of a CBWTF for keeping up the focal capacity framework, expected help from SPCBs/PCCs will be finished in meeting with partners.



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