He is ‘flying’ on Wheelchair, thanks to Aster DM Healthcare’s generous Sky

The Healthcare Major, spanning UAE & India, hand holds a man severely maimed by accident

Dubai/ New Delhi: 42 year old Gurbinder Singh’s legs, which are now a wheelchair, are not on earth, thanks to hand holding by Aster DM Healthcare.

Despite being bereft of all four limbs due to an accident in his workplace in UAE, the man, who felt ‘as good as dead’ after the mishap, seems to be in a tearing hurry to go to Punjab to show his children that he could stand again. That may take a while but there is no doubt that Mr Singh’s life is on a ‘strong footing’ now that Aster has taken ownership of all his woes. Aster has lifted hope and soul for this former crane operator by going all out to rehabilitate him completely free. The compensation that Mr Singh has got from his company will remain intact with his family.

Aster DM in Dubai extended this help suo motu and reached out to the crippled man after reading his plight in a local newspaper. He was bed- bound since February before the healthcare major provided him with custom made wheel chair.

Very soon, Mr Singh will be taken to Aster Medcity Kochi in Kerala, the best hospital in Asia Pacific as rated by Niti Aayog’s CEO Amitabh Kant, for his rehab. In the hospital, artificial limbs would help him to stand on his feet again. Doctors of hospital hope they would also be able to make him hold a spoon. The aim is he does not depend on anybody for his daily chores.

Aster at Dubai connected with experts in Aster Kochi to assess the outcome through a live telemedicine programme. Dr Vijaya Mohan from Kochi has expressed confidence that he would soon walk. They would also try their best to make his right hand work for regular use like eating with a spoon. He is already being given physiotherapy sessions.
Talking to Medicare News, Jaleel PA, assistant general manager, corporate social responsibility at Aster, said, ‘As usual, our founder Dr Azad Moopen lost no time in taking ownership of all of Mr Singh’s woes. The wheelchair is UK-made, specially assembled for Mr Singh. Our pharmacy team made changes suited to the requirements. The wheelchair can be further customised as and when required.’
Mr Jaleel further added, ‘the management, doctors, paramedics and Aster volunteers all stood as one to help Singh. It was taken as common cause by them. Singh can now loiter without helping hand.
We are also excited to see immobilised Singh perk up. Smile on his face say it all.


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