Heart Rhythm problem National Conference in Delhi on Third September

NEW-DELHI: A national level conference on issue of Heart Rhythm problems will be held in national capital New-Delhi on third september at Hotel Grand Vasant.Dr Rohit Walia organiser of the conference told that.

Heart rhythm problems are common and untreated  may lead to life threatening conditions.Atrial Fibrillation( irregular fast rhythm from upper part of heart) is most common heart rhythm disorder and responsible for stroke commonly known as brain attack or paralysis. Similarly ventricular( lower chamber of heart)  rhythm problems are responsible for sudden cardiac arrest ( sudden stoppage of heart in previously apparently normal person) which is leading cause of death.

Presently heart rhythm problem specialist are very few in India and most of even tertiary centres lack specialist to perform specialised procedures to cure these disorders. In order to spread awareness and educate masses first such conference is being organised.


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