India develops First Reusable PPE Kits

Vadodara (Gujarat) based company Sure Safety has designed this

New Delhi: At a time when the Government of India has taken various steps such as countrywide lockdown, curfew in some areas and  rapid testing to combat the spread of Covid – 19, demand of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has surged significantly for our corona warriors like doctors, nurses and other health workers. PPE has been playing major role in protecting these people.

Before the Covid 19 outbreak, India was largely dependent on overseas companies for such PPE kits. Over the past few months, Government of India has engaged many private Indian companies to manufacture PPE kits like masks, safety helmets, eye protection, gloves and high-visibility clothing items. Gujarat – Vadodara based company Sure Safety has designed India’s first reusable PPE kits and is ready to produce it on large scale. The reusable PPE kit will also mitigate the challenge of biomedical waste generated by the currently available kits.

Commenting on this innovation Mr. Nishith Dand, Managing Director and Founder of Sure Safety said, “Using innovation, we have readied what is perhaps India’s first reusable PPE kit. In few developed nations like Europe and the US, companies have recently begun making such kits. The waste generated from PPE kits can pose a great risk and we have used a new ‘air pass system’ to prepare new kits. We have done a pilot project with a hospital in Vadodara and are hoping to start deliveries of these kits to other hospitals soon.

Moreover, the company has proposed “Global Safety Centre” to Government of Gujarat to be prepared for future Disasters, Pandemics, Nuclear/Chemical Warfare etc. Every two years, the country is faced with outbreak of diseases like bird flu, SARS, Ebola, Zika and now Covid 19 and such  Global Safety Centre can help to fight such pandemics.

Sure Safety is amongst the first group of companies engaged by Government of India to manufacture PPE for Covid 19. So far it has delivered 60,000 PPE kits to Union Health Ministry, Defence Ministry and Gujarat Government. Now it is planning to increased monthly production capacity to 1.8 lakh kits. Company had delivered India’s first Space Suit to ISRO in 2015 & world’s 4th indigenous Space Suit.


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