Special central law for violence against healthcare providers demanded by IMA

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) demands a special central law for violence against doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and hospitals by an ordinance.

To stop abuse and violence against healthcare workers, approximately 12000 doctors and 20000 nurses will be participating in the silent protest.

“We are endangering our lives for the people, however, the COVID-19 situation has made us acutely aware of our helplessness against mindless abuse and violence. Though we have asked our healthcare professionals to continue their service, will appeal to the government to make the changes by bringing an ordinance. Hence, on April 22nd will be observing White Day and if our demands are not taken into consideration then on April 23 all the doctors in the country will work with black badges.” Dr Rajan Sharma, National President, IMA said,

Dr. Simon Hercules, a neurosurgeon from Chennai died after contracting coronavirus disease. He was not allowed to be buried at the burial site. Hence, Dr S Gurushankar, President, Tamil Nadu chapter of the Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI-TN), has strongly condemned the recurring incidents of violence taking place against doctors and healthcare workers by urging the state government to take swift preemptive action to make their healthcare staff feel more secure allowing them to go all out in dispensing their duties.

Dr Atul Karate, former MP State TB Officer, Joint Director, Health Service informs about the PIL filed by Jerryl Banait in the Supreme Court of India on the safety assurance to healthcare professionals during COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. said that, “it is sad to see that healthcare professionals are getting beaten up and misbehaved in the country during this time when the world is observing healthcare emergency. The government should act on this and come out with some solution that even frontline workers feel safe and dignified.”

Supreme court of India states that the in wake of the calamity of such nature all citizens of the country have to act in a responsible manner to extend a helping hand to the Government and medical staff to perform their duties to contain and combat the COVID-19. The incidents as noted, are bound to instil a sense of insecurity amongst doctors and medical staff who are at the forefront of this battle against COVID-19. It is the duty of the State and the Police Administration to provide necessary security at all places where patients who have been diagnosed coronavirus positive or who have been quarantined are housed. Police security should also be provided to doctors and medical staff when they visit places for screening.


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