Keeping Employees in fine fettle is a Virtue for Employers

Indian Virtual Hospital conducts unique Health Care Assistance Program @ Bathinda Unit of National Fertilizers Ltd

New Delhi/Bathinda: Good health of employees leads to boost in production. India Virtual Hospital has moved to instil this thinking among employers to keep employees always up and doing. Its two day unique Health Care Assistance Program (HCAP) conducted at Bathinda Unit and Township of National Fertilizers Ltd, a leading Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) was one such endeavour.

With PSUs and Indian Corporate increasingly going in for effective healthcare & wellness programmes to provide a comprehensive welfare ecosystem to their employees, IVH HCAP is custom made to cater to their needs. It is a fine mix of health assistance and wellness model where the employees are rightly empowered to have a hassle-free treatment experience at effective costs, is continuously guided and counselled and is made aware of the benefits of good health leading to better productivity and satisfaction.

Leveraging the wide Patient Care Partner Network across the country of India Virtual Hospital and robust technology module including IVH APP, IVH HCAP  seamlessly cater to 5 major requirements of the working professionals — Quick and Timely Medical Support, Proper Guidance and Personalised Care, Choice of Multiple and Cost-effective Healthcare Options, Wellness, Occupational & Preventive Health Programmes, Special Discounts & Rates for Corporates.

Dr. Rohit Mody, Director, Department of Cardiology, Max Hospital who interacted with the employees said, “Heart disease may be a leading cause of death, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as your fate. Although you lack the power to change some risk factors — such as family history, sex or age — there are some key heart disease prevention steps you can take to reduce your risks. Prevention of cardiovascular disease can be achieved by practicing regular exercise, by keeping to a balanced healthy diet, by avoiding tobacco smoking and by the maintenance of an optimal blood pressure and normal LDL-cholesterol and glucose levels. Major advances have been made over the past years but more can be achieved. Population and high-risk strategies should complement each other and involve society as a whole, the patients, healthcare professionals and health policy makers”.

Rai Umraopati Ray, Head, IVH HCAP said, “As globalisation and urbanisation converge in India to make chronic disease a significant problem, the PSUs & the corporate sector need to take a close look at effective workplace wellness along with comprehensive health assistance programme to tackle the situation. Our programme, IVH HCAP takes advantage of employers’ access to employees at an age when interventions can still change their long-term health trajectory. Along with it, the programme helps employees to manage their health, medical and surgical care. It helps patient to take an informed decision with expert consultations, working out the best medical plan, coordinating with the hospital team for hospitalisation & procedure and providing much-required counselling for patients & their family members along with post-operation recovery needs and services.”

Sunil Arora, Chief General Manager, National Fertilizers Limited, Bathinda Unit said, “Health and Wellness is an integral aspect of our work culture and we continuously strive to introduce new initiatives from time to time which benefit our employees at large. For instance, stress is an ever increasing problem in today’s time. Each one of us is grappling with various issues of living with tensions and stress. Hence learning to manage stress is an important life skill in today’s time. Similarly, practicing preventive health measures is also crucial for a healthy and satisfying life”.

The first series of counseling sessions and talks at Bathinda Unit National Fertilizers Limited focused on Common Cardiac Symptoms and Healthy Life for Middle Aged along with practical sessions on Office Yoga & Ergonomics. The two-day health & wellness session as part of IVH HCAP Program began with health risk profiling of employees, followed by interactive sessions by expert doctors, nutritionists and yoga teacher. Special session was conducted for families of NFL Employees at Ladies Club within the township.


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