New Drug Controller of India (DCGI) takes over

Being a professional appointee, New DCGI is looked at, with a lot of hope

New Delhi: Dr Eshwar Reddy is the new Drug Controller of India (DCGI). He takes over the charge from Dr G.N. Singh.

Dr Reddy bucks the trend in the sense that he is not a political appointee. He is from within the department and is seized of a well thought out Pharma vision 2030.  Perhaps After a long time, he is a professional appointee as in the past most DCGI were political nominations from outside department. For long term Pharma vision, he is considered the most eligible one for this post.

Dr Reddy has leadership qualities and it is hugely hoped that he would come out with flying colours during his three month probation. Medical device sector has been his pet subject.

Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, Association of Indian Medical device industry (AiMeD), has expressed utmost pleasure on his appointment and not being a political appointee. Dr Reddy was joint drug controller of India.


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