NPPA Seeks Market Data From Orthopaedic Knee Implant Manufacturers And Importers


New Delhi : The importers and manufacturers of knee implants may need to furnish data relating to their supplies, the prices among others with the pricing authority, in order for the government to keep a tab on the prices of medical devices.

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has directed the importers and manufacturers of knee implants for knee replacement systems to furnish data relating to orthopaedic knee implants. It has also prescribed a format in which the details to be submitted.

The details have to be submitted on almost 18 categories of products made of different materials. They should specify whether it is imported or domestically manufactured, the price to distributor or the price to stockist on June 30, 2021, maximum retail price on June 30, 2021, quantity sold and moving annual turnover for the period from July 2020 and June 2021 and from July 2019 to June 2020.

The information should be submitted with the NPPA by August 12, 2021, it directed the companies dealing with orthopaedic knee implant system.

It may be noted that the NPPA has recently imposed a cap on the trade margin of pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitoring machine, nebuliser, digital thermometer and gloucometer, at 70 per cent at the price to distributor (PTD) level.

It was further notified that the prices are to be revised by the manufacturers or importers as per the formula prescribed in the notification and the revised prices shall be effective from July 20, 2021. As per the direction from the Authority, over a thousand brands submitted their old price and revised price in a prescribed format in a few weeks, and a majority of the brands reduced the prices according to this, said NPPA officials earlier.



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