Patna: The drug market is flourishing very fast in Patna , the capital of Bihar . Many youth of the state are getting addicted. In such a situation, the police are continuously conducting raids to stop this menace.

In this sequence, on Friday, the police conducted a major raid with the help of the drug department. The police team raided different areas of Patna and seized 8022 drug injections. Along with this, 7 accused involved in this business have also been arrested.

Actually, the police of Bahadurpur police station took a major action on Friday and recovered 8022 drug injections with the help of the drug department from different police station areas of the capital Patna.

Seven members involved in this syndicate have been arrested. At present the police are taking further action in this matter. Besides, raids are also being conducted to arrest other criminals involved in the syndicate. At the same time, how banned medicines are becoming available in the market and retail shops is also being investigated.

After the prohibition of liquor in Bihar, the prevalence of dry drugs has continuously increased. At the same time, today’s youth are coming into its lap very soon. Taking action in this connection, the police of Bahadurpur police station conducted a joint raid with the drug department and recovered a large quantity of intoxicating injections from Kankarbagh, Peerbahor, Patrakar Nagar and Kadam Kuan police station areas of the capital Patna. A total of 7 people involved in this have been arrested.

Patna City SP East Sandeep Singh said that this medicine is banned. These banned medicines are available only in government hospitals or de-addiction centres. These medicines are available only when prescribed by the doctor. But the youth of Patna are easily getting these medicines from the market. In such a situation, to stop this menace, we conducted raids at different places. Where the police of Bahadurpur police station arrested two boys while taking injections. Both of them were interrogated thoroughly and many shopkeepers from Patna were also arrested. The police are now busy arresting other people involved in this.