Perfect Health Mela will pay tribute to late Arun Jately

26th Perfect Health Mela will be organised at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from 18th October.

New Delhi: As death of Arun Jately from diabetes jolted the whole nation, Perfect Health Mela in Delhi this year will pay tribute to the great leader.

This was revealed by Padma Shri Dr KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India and President CMAAO in a communiqué. He said, ‘A special camp will be held in memory of Sh Arun Jaitley which will provide free HbA1C blood test for 1000 patients. 500 of them will be for diabetic patients to know the status of diabetes control and 500 for non-diabetic patients to know status of diabetes in them’.

The mela will be a mix of exhibitions, competitions, check-ups and infotainment. The theme of the mela will be Fit India – Fit Delhi and Harm Reduction.

Organised by Heart Care Foundation of India in collaboration with Health Department Delhi Government, Sports Authority of India and Department of Science and Technology Govt of India, the mela is unique as it incorporates all systems of medicine under one roof.

Patients for free angiographies, heart surgeries and complicated eye surgeries will be selected from patients attending the mela.

Ansal health University will showcase various skill development opportunities in the field of Healthcare.

The foundation will also be launching basic cardiac life support certificate program in association with Delhi Red Cross Society.

The mela will be plastic free, will have safe water facilities. Free take home sanitary pads will be provided to all schoolgirls. Sanitary pad vending machines and incinerator will also be placed for educational purposes.

All visitors will be given deworming albendazole tablet and a sachet of vitamin D 60,000 units. All are advised to take a deworming tablet once in a year and vitamin D supplement once in a month.

Participating school children will be provided with healthy high fibre refreshments.

Live mosquitos will be on display and workshops will be held on how to identify them and catch them. Workshops will also be held on healthy cooking, menstrual hygiene, counterfeit medicines, dance classes, acting classes and identifying food adulteration at home.

The mela will be visited by top doctors and other eminent people of the society.

A special legal redressal mechanism will also be available in the mela. Patients can understand and discuss their rights.

A special booklet will be released with 100 question and answers on Good Samaritan laws.The mela will also focus on how to combat air pollution and indoor pollution. Countries special scheme Ayushman Bharat and Delhi’s Mohalla Clinics will also be on display.


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