World’s Top Robotic & Endoscopic Surgeons assemble @BLK

The Super Speciality Hospital hosts 4th Congress International Guild Robotic & Endoscopic Head and Neck Surgery (IGReHNS)

New Delhi: The world’s top Robotic and Endoscopic surgeons today gathered here to pass on their knowledge, skill and expertise to young medical professionals. Prominent surgeons gathered at the 4th Congress International Guild Robotic & Endoscopic Head and Neck Surgery (IGReHNS) hosted by BLK Super Specialty Hospital. The three-day Congress mainly aimed at training and skill development to explore new horizons in the field. Training in Robotic and Endoscopic Surgeries was imparted through live surgeries, video presentations, technical sessions, and case discussions.

In the presence of hundreds of top surgeons and specialists of the field from several countries, Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas, Director – Surgical Oncology & Chief – Robotic Surgery, BLK Super Speciality Hospital & Congress President, IGREHNS and Dr. Ashwani Sharma, Associate Director, Surgical Oncology Director – Surgical Oncology & Chief – Robotic Surgery, BLK Super Specialty Hospital along with Dr. J. Scott, Professor of otolaryngology head & neck surgery, University of South Florida College of Medicine, USA inaugurated the Congress.

“We are happy to be the hosts of the 4th edition of Robotic and Endoscopic Surgeries Congress. The IGReHNS has been our important collaborator and supporter in organizing major events related to head and neck surgery and cancers of oral cavity, throat, thyroid and salivary glands. The event has witnessed huge participation from colleagues across India and other countries and has provided a major learning opportunity for delegates to gain lessons from eminent names of the field. Such continuous endeavours are vital for the passing of knowledge, experience and skill training to the next generation for the larger benefit of the citizens of the country” Dr.Surender Kumar Dabas, Director – Surgical Oncology & Chief – Robotic Surgery, BLK Super Speciality Hospital said.

Over 100 robotic surgeons and 300 delegates participated in the Congress. During the Congress, top surgeons performed surgeries at BLK Super Specialty Hospital which was shown live to the participants and delegates at the event venue. To train the next generation of specialists, the live surgeries covered various aspects including new procedures, guidelines, patient safety among others.

Highlighting the complexity of cases faced by surgeons of the field, Dr. Scott said, “India has one of the higher prevalence of critical diseases, which require surgery in the world owing to its large population. Surgeons need to be well trained to deal with complicated cases. This summit will provide all delegates a platform where experts will be sharing their experiences of how to handle critical cases to enhance the outcomes in such cases.”

“Apart from debating on multiple aspects of robotic surgery, the conference also included several video training sessions, various case discussions, and recent trends in management of Head and Neck malignancies and other methods of making patients more safe and comfortable with favourable outcomes” explained Dr.Ashwani Sharma.


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