Rainy season: Season of greenery as well as diseases

Monsoon Season brings cheer to our faces as it provide relief from summer’s scorching heat with giving refreshing weather all around. On the other hand developing a breeding ground to give birth to germs and bacteria. Germs causes infections which in turn lead to water borne diseases that affects a lot of people.

Doctors pointed out that this season causes diseases like cold, flu, malaria or gastroenteritis as people indulge in a lot of junk food, getting wet in the rain just for the fun, wrong footwear etc. People can save their health with little precautions.

Diarrhoea, Malaria, Chikungunya and dengue fever are the common problems in this season. Diarrhoea can results from viral infections, bacterial infections, or parasitic infestations. Pathogens reaches to the large intestine through mouth passage with the consumption of contaminated food or water. You can manage it at home with oral rehydration therapy and consult a doctor if problem is severe.

Parasites gave birth to Malaria and it is a mosquito-borne disease. Common symptoms of people suffering from malaria experience fever, chills, and flu-like illness. Proper treatment is mandatory or it may develop severe complications and die.

Dengue fever  also called “breakbone” or “dandy fever”  as this usually causes fever (high, about 104 F-105 F), skin rashes, and pain (headaches and often severe muscle and joint pains). It is caused by viruses that are transmitted to people by mosquitoes.

Chikungunya is transmitted similarly to dengue fever and causes an illness with an acute febrile phase lasting two to five days, followed by a longer period of joint pains in the extremities; this pain may persist for years in some cases.

Stay Healthy and Wealthy! Keep your surroundings clean and don’t let water to stay longer to increase the population of mosquitoes. Keep following right hygienic habits.


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