Clinical pharmacies will shut down soon

Medicare News

Most common among physicians who run clinics in an India, instead of sending patients to chemists to get prescriptions filled, doctors sell the medicines in their clinics to patients. Doctors are making high profits a year operating their own clinical pharmacies.

But the good news to the patients is that now the shops will going to shut-down as no pharma companies are authorised to send medicines directly to the doctors. For this it is necessary to get the license of a medical store. If not, then the company will not supply medicines to the doctor. This has become the compulsion of pharmaceutical companies after GST is implemented.

Experts say that doctors, middlemen and drug distributors are adding lakhs annually to the costs borne by patients. Doctors prescribe the same medicines to get profits and filling their pockets. Most practitioners call drugs directly from different companies. Now, GST has started to keep a complete account of the sale of companies. Now, the pharma companies will be able to supply medicines to licensed medical stores.

The doctor receives a fat commission on writing the company’s medicines. It keeps up to 35-45 percent of the drug cost. The special thing is that these medicines written by the doctor can be found only on their counters, others will not find it. In such a situation, it is the patient’s compulsion to buy them.


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