Right Nutrition takes Centre stage in the Treatment of Diseases

In Inaugural of a Book on Nutrition, Experts agreed Diet is Cardinal Principle in Management of Ailments

New Delhi: Despite hard evidences to offer, it is pretty difficult to win the argument that a mere nutrition protocol can cure chronic diseases including cancer, especially if allopath doctors, who fiercely guard their turf, are in the fray. Manjari Chandra, illustrious wellness coach and Functional Nutritionist, learnt it the hard way during inaugural of her book ‘Eat Up, Clean Up’.

But the upshot must have been very satisfying for her as all who took her claims in the book with a pinch of salt, agreed that nutrition has no doubt taken the centre stage in the treatment of diseases. They did accept the stance that nutrition has emerged as a cardinal principle in healthcare domain. They profusely showered encomiums on her book as well.

Mrs Chandra treats patients through dietary protocols and has documented the outcomes at the very start of the book. Dr J Kumar, Group Medical Director, Paras Group of Hospitals launched the book during 12th episode of HEAL-Thy Samvaad organised by HEAL Health Connect Solutions in association with HEAL TV.

While launching the book, Dr J Kumar, Group Medical Director, Paras Group of Hospitals said, “Manjari has done an excellent job by writing the most anticipated book on nutrition – Eat Up Clean Up. I feel proud of launching this book. The book describes the different nomenclature of diet and its importance in making one healthy and disease resistant. Now, the diet has been customised as per the requirement of the individual’s body and the disease he/she is suffering from. There are cardio-diet, neuro-diet and so many other diets. As nutrition plays a pivotal role in keeping you healthy, dietary advice is essential.”

In the panel discussion that ensued, Ms Manjari Chandra, Founder, Manjari Wellness and the writer of the book forcefully put her viewpoints and experience. Expanding on her conviction, Mrs Manjari said, “Mindful eating is utmost important because it is the calorie that makes or mars the efficacy of a good diet. The fast-food chain is increasing fast. One serving fast food carries 1200 kilocalorie and the average bottle of cola carries 8 spoons of sugar. While eating fast food, we need to be calorie-conscious. The conversation on food should be changed. The bonhomie of eating with family is a sort of healthy eating. Fruits are supposed to be the Holy Grail for health, but it should be followed by the meals. The incidence of cancer has been increasing consistently. To curb the increasing curve of cancer, Autophagy is supposed to be one of the effective measures because it kills the weak cells of the body. So, keeping our body without food for a while is a healthy practice,”

Dr Maya Sharma, Executive Leadership Member, Asia, Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) said, “Immunity and immuno-nutrients have become the buzz word during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding muscle to the importance of a good diet. Immunity is part of the diet you take. Predominantly, the diet should be natural, but whenever required you can take supplements as well. Optimisation and balance of food intake is the key to holistic health. However, physical activity is also very important. Move your body, else you will be in trouble.”

Ms Ashi Kathuria, Senior Nutrition Specialist, World Bank said, “As far as the importance of nutrition in making a healthy living is concerned, it’s like a fuel for the body as the fuel for the engine. Good nutrition plays a pivotal role in one’s life. First 1000 days of nutrition including pre-term has a cascading effect throughout the life of the individual. However, India deals with the triple burden of nutrition. The forms of malnutrition are: Micro-nutrients deficiency, undernutrition, which is the cause of anaemia – 50% women and children and 25% male are anaemic, whereas obesity is also a form of malnutrition. Moderation in the diet is the key to staying healthy.”

Mr Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder & CEO, HealthCare atHome said, “When I started my venture, I found that non-pharmacological intervention was very effective and that was the right kind of diet. I truly believe that nutrition can change a lot many things in our lives. The importance of nutrition has increased substantially in the wake of the pandemic.”

Moderating the panel discussion Ms Shagun Singhal, Entrepreneur, Columnist, Branding Expert & Motivational Speaker said, “The Book – Eat Up Clean Up launched today is an essential read as it uncovers the basics of the diet and the importance of eating right kind of food, which is instrumental in keeping the diseases at by and helping us live a healthy life. Clean and home-cooked healthy foods give optimum energy.”


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