Taking Stem Cells Technology from Laboratories to Bedside

StemGenn Therapeutics is working in a mission mode to this end


New Delhi: Stem Cell treatment technology turning out very efficacious in the treatment different incurable diseases but taking this very useful technology to bedside to laboratories is a challenge. StemGenn Therapeutics, a leader in stem cell treatment in India, is in a mission mode to take this technology to the logical end.

Stem Cell Therapy technology in India is relatively new & majorly investigational and increasing the awareness about Stem Cell Therapy in the country is a crucial task that needs to be undertaken immediately. Lack of uniform protocol and trained manpower makes this task difficult and moreover the treatments being expensive, many clients shy away from them. Understanding these prevailing impediments in and the critical need to raise awareness about the Stem Cell Therapy in India, StemGenn Therapeutics regularly conducts free webinars, live streams, and Q&A with the experts in the field which are accessible toeveryone. In addition to that, people from other countries have been visiting India to take the benefit of regenerative medicine for quite some time and StemGennTherapeutics is making continuous efforts in offering this unmatched technology to everyone who needs it.

Talking to Medicare News, Prabhu Mishra, CEO, StemGenn Therapeutics, said, ‘StemGenn Therapeutics is the next generation Regenerative Medicine brand that is dedicated to advancing in the field with a mission to take this promising technology from laboratories to bedside. ‘We offer the highest quality technology and cellular therapy services which is backed by scientific research and training to the medical practitioners who are eager to learn about this emerging field. Our aim is to advance human healthcare technology in collaboration with global leaders and experts, leading hospitals, and academic institutions dedicated to the field of Regenerative Medicine.’

The company endeavours to create an ecosystem where the emerging area of Regenerative Medicine thrives at its best in India. To do that the company also offers fellowship and regenerative medicine trainings for healthcare professionals in this field. What makes the company stand out is its focus on research to understand and decipher the science behind Regenerative Medicine. It works on its own best-in class protocols and technologies which are quite unique in the market.

‘We work to provide the best results for the patients and not for the money and are focused on ethics and that truly makes us stand out,’ adds Prabhu Chandra Mishra.

Winning the Market with Flagship Offerings
StemGenn’s flagship services include Regenerative Medicine in fertility management such as thin endometrium, premature ovarian failure, Asherman syndrome and more. One of StemGenn Therapeutics’ offerings is Regenerative medicine applications in Infertility & cosmetic gynaecology. With this it has successfully assisted women with multiple implant failure, premature ovarian failure, thin endometrium, stress urinary incontinence, vulvovaginal rejuvenation and other conditions to give birth to healthy children. The company also offers many training courses for doctors and scientists especially in cosmetic gynaecology, stemcell& Regenerative medicine and Regenerative Orthopaedics.

LIPOKRAFT, one of its trade mark technologies, is a novel approach towards the natural path of healing using its own powerful FAT by tapping the regenerative potential of Adipose tissue. This trademarked technology can be used for removal of stretch marks, skin rejuvenation and volumization. The company has also developed a standard procedure for PRP (platelet rich plasma) preparation and is called O-Cell ® procedure among other offerings.

Moving Forward with Strong Beliefs
StemGenn Therapeutics @Greater Kailash Delhi believes in providing the best care to its clients. It makes sure to maintain hygiene and performs all its treatments in a sterile environment at the hospitals and centres that it has collaborated with. ‘We believe in the power of good counselling & education. Making our patients understand the treatments and science behind it is our first step towards addressing the needs of the patient and we will keep doing that until people are completely aware of the amazing results that Stem Cell Treatments promise,’ concludes Prabhu Chandra Mishra, CEO, StemGenn Therapeutics. StemGenn Therapeutics have collaborated with doctors & scientists from various countries like UAE, Jordon, Romania, USA, Turkey, Poland, Phillipines, Bahrain, Muscat, Morocco, France, KSA etc.

Biotechnology plays a definitive role in meeting the unmet medical needs and the advancement of the healthcare sector by bringing innovative new technologies and therapies to market. To showcase this potential of Biotechnology, StemMax Research and Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. conducted an e-symposium on the topic “Biotechnology- Impact on Human Health in 21st century” on 2nd January, 2021. This event witnessed the launch of “Otlu-Academy”, a unit of StemMax, which is established with the goal of training the students of Life Sciences and Allied Health Sciences in the key areas of Stem Cell, Molecular Medicine, Immunology, Cell Culture, Biotechnology and Embryology; thereby, enhancing their chances of successful employment and a better future in the healthcare industry.


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