Tamil Nadu: Doctors warned, Chronic Kidney Disease Becoming Rampant

Doctors in Madurai shared their concerned and said Around 65,000 chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients are reported in Tamil Nadu and around 15,000 patients out of them need advanced care every year. Chronic Kidney Disease was fast turning rampant in the country.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre (MMHRC) organized an event on Chronic Kidney Disease ahead of the World Kidney Day (second Thursday in March). At an event on CKD, the health experts were speaking about its symptoms, risk factors and its prevalence in the state.

Dr. K Sampathkumar, head of the department of nephrology at MMHRC shared that CKD was becoming rampant in the state and it was even more dangerous as early detection was very difficult. Diabetes and hypertension problems added risk factors of almost two-thirds of CKD in the state. He also added other problems like obesity, late diagnosis, high cholesterol levels, smoking, alcoholism, high intake of salt (over 12-15 grams a day) and the use of over-the-counter (OTC) pain killers are also becoming reasons for this disease.

Indian CKD records clearly show that Tamil Nadu becoming home of CKD patients and approximately 65,000 CKD patients are reported till now and more patients added in the list every year. Approximately 15,000 patients need proper and advanced care in the form of dialysis and kidney transplants.

Dr. Paul Vincent, a consultant at the Department of Urology at MMHRC, shared while speaking about the prevention, 45 minutes of regular exercises for five days of a week, drinking two to 2.5 liter of water daily (especially during summer months) and curtailing salt intake were important.


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