This is the best time to be a Doctor in India! – Dr Pratap Reddy

Founder and Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, expounds the True Significance of Doctor’s Day

India: Undaunted by the spate of attacks on doctors, Dr Pratap C Reddy exhorts doctors on Doctor’s Day to persevere and to not despair, saying ‘this is the best time to be a doctor as there is a bright future ahead.’

This may sound odd given the charged scenario wherein doctors seem inconsolable and showing defiance but Dr Reddy insists on his optimism, evangelizing the noble profession. In a press statement to Medicare News, Dr Reddy points to new developments like Ayushman Bharat heralded by the new government at the centre to assert his optimism.

Dr  Reddy, Founder and Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, goes to great lengths to assuage the frayed tempers of doctors. He says, ‘Challenges are not new to doctors. Challenges are a constant in the medical profession and are a doctor’s companion right from the time they decide to enter the medical profession. I urge every doctor to bear this mind and no medical professional should be disheartened by recent incidents of violence against members of the fraternity. It is pleasing to witness the support of fellow professionals, the Indian citizens and the government towards the medical fraternity’s call for stronger laws to ensure safety of the medical fraternity.’

‘There are great developments taking place in healthcare like Ayushman Bharat. This scheme proposes to cover cost of medical care for almost 40 percent of India’s population, while the 1,50,000 Health & Wellness Centres being developed will strengthen the national focus on preventive healthcare. Plans are on the anvil to transform the healthcare infrastructure including boosting medical education and hospital infrastructure. Healthcare skilling will help create millions of jobs and boost employment. Medical value tourism will boost the country’s image as a leader in world class healthcare. The elements for a healthier and happier
India are in place. This is the best time to be a doctor as there is a bright future ahead,” added Dr. Reddy.

On National Doctors Day, doctors should take the Hippocratic oath once again and come together to tackle the threat of NCDs. Doctors should be the harbinger of a complete changein healthcare attitude and approach, and become role models for their patients to lead healthier lives, educate the patients about the NCDs and promote preventive care.

‘As a clinician with over six decades of experience, I am confident that now we have all the elements in place for a healthier and happier India! There is no better time to be a doctor than today,’ said Dr. Reddy.

‘Doctor’s Day is observed every year on the 1st of July to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. B C Roy – considered the Maker of Modern West Bengal – is one of the few people to have obtained FRCS and MRCP degrees simultaneously.

Doctors Day is celebrated to acknowledge the contributions of the medical fraternity towards creating a healthier and happier society. Just like soldiers guarding the border against external enemies, doctors are homeland warriors, guarding fellow humans from external attacks by microorganisms as well as vagaries of the mind and body. Unlike other professions, the medical profession is a calling, demanding grit, determination and commitment. According to him becoming a doctor means committing to a lifetime of service with compassion and continuous learning. Doctors in today’s changing world have to keep themselves up to date with the latest developments in medical technology. They have to work to better themselves with regard to upgrading their knowledge and skills.


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