Why Nobel grade Stem Cell Is ‘Meek in India’

By: Dhananjay Kumar

Country’s Matchless Stem Cell discovery is Unsung
       It is globally a ‘matchless’ breakthrough in stem cell therapy technology, both technically and figuratively.
So, it undeniably sets India as a world leader in stem cell therapy.
Delhi’s Nutech Mediworld has picked up a unique line of embryonic stem cell, being recognised world over, as unequalled therapeutic marvel so far. This stem cell line is unique in the midst of other half- baked and elusive stem cell modules in the sense that its application for treatment does not require any match (scientifically called HLA typing) with the recipient. In a stroke of genius, the architect of this stem cell genre, health scientist Dr. Geeta Shroff pre-empted the cell development process that sews immune response mechanism to it and makes matching a must. This is what sets it apart from other tentative stem cell genre and makes it ready to use therapy.
It has already given over 1600 patients from world over including USA in terminal and vegetative state new leases of life. This accomplishment has come as manna from heaven for patients of incurable diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, stroke and many more. Taking into account endorsements given to this module of stem cell therapy by global scientific community, it is undoubtedly a Nobel grade development. So far, 52 countries including USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore have given her discovery patent for process, manufacture and uses. But government’s lukewarm response to this real ‘make in India’ is really baffling and achievement is keeping this peerless therapeutic development from becoming big ticket make in India.
It is a discovery at par with atomic energy. A single cell has turned into an inexhaustible treasure trove of life giving stem cells quite in the manner of atomic fission. If it gets its well deserved recognition by Indian government and its scientific mandarins, this stem cell would be available in chemists’ shop in the form of injection.

Dr Geeta Shroff

Talking to Medicare news, Dr. Shroff says, ‘It can be used by anyone as it does not require a match or HLA Typing. It is universal and can be used much like insulin having a shelf life of 6 months. Thus, it can be easily transported and used without any time delay. It can be administered through a simple and safe delivery mechanism in the form of injections.’
Dr. Shroff further said, ‘this technology could be made available globally as a first line of treatment to improve the lives of patients suffering from incurable or terminal illnesses.’ Over the past 13 years, her stem cell is doing magic over incurable patients. She made headlines for injecting her stem cell into many big guns of politics with remarkable success.
The technology utilizes stem cells from human embryo that are isolated, cultured, processed and stored in a ready-to-use form for clinical application. Using embryonic stem cells for treatment may cause ethical concerns in the research world but Dr. Shroff created pure human embryonic stem cell lines using a single, spare, pre-implanted fertilized egg from a regular IVF cycle. The team received the fertilized egg in compliance with the regulatory guidelines and complete consent from the patient in the year 2000. The same original embryonic stem cell line is used till date without the need for more fertilized eggs.


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